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The Appearance Of Happiness

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen11 Comments

A while ago one of the members of the congregation I attend got up to speak. This might sound a little funny, but in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, members of our congregation are assigned to speak or give “talks” on Sundays rather than having a Minister or Pastor who gives weekly remarks to the congregation. …

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The Differences That Divide Us

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen19 Comments

A few weeks ago I was chatting with one of my daughters about a women’s activity I was helping to plan. She mentioned she had talked to a woman she knew about the activity who had mentioned she felt she was “too different from all of the other women to attend.” I felt sad after hearing that, and it got …

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Five Truths About Summer Parenting

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen23 Comments

During the summer months for what I believe is a large majority of us, there are some slight modifications which occur to our parenting style. Almost without our noticing. Until we finally do notice, and then we go, “oh yeah… it’s summer!” Today I am going to share a few of those truths that are quite evident in my family’s …