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Winter in Arizona!

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Snow is just COVERING the trees in Southern Arizona where I live. Oh wait, those are pear blossoms. My mistake. Enjoy the rest of winter, America. I will come visit you in the summer when hot doesn’t even begin to describe it here.For now though, this weather can’t be beat!

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The Love Boat

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Toot-Toot! The love boat is about to set sail.  This weekend is all about bringing out the love and many of you have spent weeks agonizing over the perfect gift to give to the special people in your life. Now some of us, um namely me, will pick up a pizza, put on some jammies and plan a night inside …

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I Am Not One Dimensional- Jenerally informed

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For a very long time I have wanted to start up a blog, but with 4 children running amok in my house finding time to even go to the bathroom is difficult. So needless to say starting a blog got dumped further to the bottom of the bucket list. But that is all changing today. HERE I AM WORLD AND …