I Am Not One Dimensional- Jenerally informed

In Parenting by Jen

For a very long time I have wanted to start up a blog, but with 4 children running amok in my house finding time to even go to the bathroom is difficult. So needless to say starting a blog got dumped further to the bottom of the bucket list. But that is all changing today.


Okay enough happy screaming and I promise not to do it very often, but I am so very excited to get to meet all of the amazing people that I think will soon become good friends here on my blog. Hopefully BFF’s for life. Yup- no just partial friends here.

Now what are we going to do here? I think the better question is what are we not going to do? I want us to laugh, cry, learn and find joy from each other. I want us to share cool things happening in the world, our families and communities. People are not one dimensional and this blog won’t be either.

I am super excited though to bring some of my ideas that have just been bubbling up (or is that burping?) to the blog. We’ll have the Man Cave Monday, Redbox reviews, some tween drama free reading reviews, family news and happenings, guest bloggers and whatever can help us stay jenerally informed.

So thanks for checking me out and I promise to try and keep posting the good. Make sure to become my friend before you leave on any of the awesome buttons my super cool hubs so handily affixed to the top of the blog.

Stay Happy and Stay Informed!