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The “Bossy” Debate

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen15 Comments

    There has been a lot of chatter recently concerning using the word “bossy” when describing a young girl’s behavior. The specific quote being talked about comes from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg,“I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills.” I am a mother to three girls and have spent …

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And She Grew And She Grew

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen10 Comments

One year ago today I gave birth to my fourth child, Anneliese. She was so very little and not particularly pleased to see any of us. She fussed about her new lodgings quite ferociously for weeks, but how very quickly she became loved by her 3 older siblings and parents. She was hardly ever put down and all of us …

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Books For Your Little Train Enthusiast

In Parenting by Jen13 Comments

  We have already established my son’s love of  Lego, but before this his first love was anything to do with trains. I have spent hours over his 9 year life span finding books online and in the library all about this beloved transportation choice. He can quote facts about trains that impress and astound. He still loves trains and …

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8 Things We NEED to Bring Back from the 80’s

In Parenting by Jen22 Comments

A few days ago my children, whom I love, pointed out that I was born in a whole other century way back in the 1900’s. These are the moments you realize that those beautiful children you have raised, fed, and clothed for years may not make it to adulthood! I told them that just because this was a “new” century …

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A Last Word On Love

In Parenting by Jen1 Comment

February seems like the month many of us focus on and think about love. My husband and I have never really been big Valentines Day sort of people. We of course make sure our kids have Valentines and do fun things for them to make the day special, but I have never really gotten into the whole “Here’s your box …

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So What’s Good On Netflix?

In Parenting by Jen4 Comments

My family is almost to the point that we watch more NETFLIX than regular Television. I can actually foresee a point that we could do away with satellite television altogether.  The biggest hangup is probably the hubs sports programming. That being said, there is a lot of good and bad on NETFLIX with a definite lack of newer movies to …

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Everything Is Awesome- Lego Stuff

In Parenting, Reviews by Jen13 Comments

My 9 year old son Caleb doesn’t just like LEGO he LOVES LEGO. He is especially fond of anything to do with LEGO Star Wars. About 6 months ago I signed up to receive free copies of the LEGO magazine. Caleb loves it and devours each and every new edition of the magazine. Here is the link so you can …

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The Economics of Milk

In Parenting by Jen10 Comments

The price of milk is going up!!!!!!!   My family goes  through milk like it’s on tap. We have an extra refrigerator in the garage primarily to hold our weekly supply of milk.  My grocery shopping destination is mostly determined by where milk is on sale.   This terrible news comes via CBSNews marketwatch. The report states that March will …

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Are Your Kids Crazy About Frozen?

In Parenting by Jen11 Comments

Mine are!  Here’s my kindergartener Rebekah posing with her Elsa doll, Olaf and her new Frozen microphone she got for her birthday. We have a few days off for a holiday no one else celebrates, but people in Southern Arizona called Rodeo so I hit Pinterest for some cute crafts and fun ideas all focused on Frozen. Here’s a few …

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Books Your 12 Year Old Daughter Will Want To Read

In Parenting by Jen18 Comments

Enter stage left my beautiful, and seriously amazing, daughter Samantha. She is smart, kind, and beautiful inside and out. She is also a serious reader and is always on the search for fun books which she devours relentlessly. Since I have various stages of readers in my family and I know how I am ALWAYS searching for appropriate aged books …

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Now Here’s A Science Fair Project Winner

In Parenting by Jen2 Comments

After just helping to finish off my 2 older children’s Science Fair projects I saw this on the Winging It Facebook page and thought it was the best project I have ever seen.  I know for our family the 32 page syllabus with over 100 required bullet points, no joke,  pretty much killed the love of the Science Fair in …

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Winter in Arizona!

In Parenting by Jen6 Comments

Snow is just COVERING the trees in Southern Arizona where I live. Oh wait, those are pear blossoms. My mistake. Enjoy the rest of winter, America. I will come visit you in the summer when hot doesn’t even begin to describe it here.For now though, this weather can’t be beat!