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Guest Post: How To Shape and Define Eyebrows

In Beauty & Fashion by Jen13 Comments

Who is ready for another beauty fix from the fabulous Berta of Mommy Like Whoa? Get ready for your complete guide to perfectly defining and shaping your eyebrows. Also, don’t miss Berta’s other contribution “How to do your makeup in 10 minutes or less!” Hey guys! It’s me again, Berta from over at Mommy Like Whoa! I had such a …

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Guest Post: Easter Outfit Inspiration For Kids

In Beauty & Fashion by Jen8 Comments

A while ago I came across an adorable blog, Well Dressed Peanuts crafted by the amazing Lisa. I love how she puts together such fabulous outfits for herself (she always looks so cute in all of her pics) as well as her darling little “peanut” Amalia Rose. Since it is now officially the beginning of Spring and we are just …

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Guest Post: Dressing Up Denim

In Beauty & Fashion by Jen1 Comment

Here on JENerally Informed we like to cover a wide range of topics such as men and minivans, social media stalkers, LEGO and livestock. I think that subject variety is important because none of us are one dimensional. We have, thus far, not discussed fashion. Now I like to look as good as possible, especially when I am wearing jeans, …