Mommy Reality #26: Getting Rid Of These Is Going to Break Me

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For this Mommy Reality Challenge Celeste has asked us to share a bad habit that we plan to break as part of a New Year’s resolution.

Perhaps that would be like Celeste and I deciding to no longer make bad photo shop pictures of ourselves…

Nah, we have way too much fun doing them!

So here is what bad habit I plan to break even though it just might break me.

Story time!

Seventeen years ago I made my husband promise me that if I ever started wearing sweats to the grocery store he was to stop me.

Like the wonderful husband he is, he did not mention it to me when I began doing just that.

First it was just a quick emergency visit to pick-up diapers in my sweats or a run in for a giant Big Q slushie to keep me going through the day. As all bad habits do, this one kind of took off and soon the wearing of my “Mom-wear” became my status quo.

Flash forward/ backward to 2 years ago. After a hectic and frenzied drop off of children at school, I once again found myself in my Mom-wear heading into my local supermarket to buy milk, because that is the never ending task for the JENerally Informed family.  On this day an unassuming Jen happily pushed her cart through the store, purchased said milk, a loaf of bread and other sundries, then casually moseyed outside. . .

As I stepped outside of the store, I sensed danger.  Looking across the parking lot, I saw a news van.  And heading my way I saw a news crew.  Worst of all I KNEW THE REPORTER!  I saw the glint of recognition in his eye as he headed toward me.  “Jennifer! Hey can we get your comments on a story that we are doing?!”

I had no make-up on, and my hair was in a bun and I had on ratty sweats!!  I considered ditching the cart and sprinting,  craning my neck looking around for escape routes.  But they had me dead to rights.  There would be no escape without creating a tremendously awful scene and or abandoning my precious two gallons of milk.  I sighed, resigning myself to my fate, and did the interview with a smile. . .

I NEVER watched that clip (it was on at noon, 6, and 10), but luckily many of my friends and family members did so I received quite a bit of feed back on my Mom-wear.

Now, two years later I have let myself slide, yet again.


It is time I break this VERY bad habit and let these go! The world does not need a repeat of the imbroglio from 2 years ago. Plus I am not sure my ego could take that sort of hit for a second time.

Now, let’s not go all crazy thinking that I will always show up at the grocery store with my hair and make-up done, but I can show up in some new and much improved Mom wear!

So, take a look at the new duds Jensguy gave me for Christmas.

I should add that before he passed me this gift he made me cross my heart and solemnly swear that I would never wear the old holey shorts/pants again!

Now it’s your turn to come share what bad habit you will be breaking!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!