Jen Tries A New Pinterest Project For Your Tootsies

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It’s summer and all of the swimming, water play, and sandal wearing activities are making my feet look bad. Hobbit with a hangnail bad. My heels are cracked and peeling. No scrubbing, loofah, or cream is working at this point. I need to find a beauty fix or else I am going to have to seriously consider Birkenstocks with socks for the rest of the summer. Nobody should do Birkenstocks with socks.

So what does this savvy mom do when she needs to solve a problem? You got it: I hit Pinterest!

It’s time for a new Jen Nails It Pinterest Challenge!

Fortunately for me, Pinterest has loads of great ideas for treating my gnarly feet, but most require time and ingredients I do not readily have available. A little more research leads me to the beauty solution I had been looking for. Yay! This is the DIY treatment my sad feet have been waiting their whole life for…..

All I would need was Listerine, warm water, vinegar and a pumice stone. All of which I have.

Now armed with my DIY beauty plan it was time to mix up my foot concoction.

Here are the directions, per Pinterest:

1. Pour 1 cup Listerine into a large bowl or container you can put your feet in.

Wow, Listerine smells TERRIBLE! Who invented this stuff and why would you put it in your mouth?

2. Pour 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups warm water into your container.

See how I just took a bad thing and made it worse?

Now it smells like a French Cheese Factory was transported to the Tucson desert and allowed to sit unattended in the scorching sun for 8 months. The dogs and children have vacated the room, our rabbit is feet up with his back leg twitching, and the fish are in the far corner of their bowl.  The six-year-old’s love for me is severely tested.

3. All right time to set-up some fancy spa digs.

Child size rocking chair. Check

Casserole dish with the solution. Check

4. Soak feet for 15 to 20 minutes in the mixture.

That means a little time to peruse some Instagram goodness on my phone.

Seven minutes in I am feeling kind of bored, so here is a picture of what my sink looks like while I am sitting here. Don’t forget to link up your Mommy Reality.

After about 10 minutes, I gently lift one foot up to look at it. Is it me or does my foot look kind of blue?

I ask my husband to come and look and he confirms that yes indeed it does look blue.  My husband then informs me that Cool Mint Listerine is not the default flavor of Listerine. This little tidbit of information might have unintended consequences later on.  He then asks me if something died in the kitchen.

It’s been 20 minutes and now it is time to take my feet out of the solution so I can scrub with the pumice stone.

Oh my goodness my feet are Smurfy blue!!

5. Use pumice stone to gently scrub off dry skin.

Quite a bit of blue stuff is coming off onto my pumice stone. This is good.

Did the Listerine Foot Scrub Work?

Yes it did. My feet and heels feel and look pretty soft, but they are semi-permanently dyed a lovely shade of Easter egg blue.

So although my feet are soft, I am not sure that having them dyed blue gets me closer to not having to hide my feet for the rest of the summer.  Anyone know where I can get a good pair of Birkenstocks cheap?

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!



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