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Man-day: Someone Hates Cheerios Dad. . .Seriously?

In Man-day by Jensguy18 Comments

OK, First of all, Peanut Butter Cheerios now exist!  It’s like taking Captain Crunch and softening the edges so that it doesn’t cut across the roof of your mouth like gravel.  Yay! Oh yeah, and the part of the announcement everyone has been talking about,  Cheerios Dad: The overall consensus is that this is fully awesome and long overdue in …

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When Photos Fail: My Mommy Reality

In Mommy Reality by Jen14 Comments

This week Celeste my Mommy Reality partner in crime has challenged us to share our photo fails. If you missed it, here is the challenge and her own photo fail: Now, to share my photo fails. First off, we have my Samantha having a less than stellar photo experience with Santa. She is actually trying to get away from him …

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Mommy Reality Challenge #12: When Photos Fail

In Mommy Reality by Jen14 Comments

Boom. Here we go again! In last week’s Mommy Reality Challenge, Jen commanded that we expose the contents of our purses to the world! We had many participants! Some of you posted your purse pics in a blog post which you linked to the “Mommy Reality” post, and some of you posted pics with the #mommyreality hashtag on Twitter, Google+, …

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Scam, Scam, Scammity Scam

In Parenting by Jen34 Comments

This last weekend I received a call from a talent development agency wishing to “audition” my children for television and modeling parts. I laughed,  I thanked them, I told them no, and then I promptly hung up. I later told my sister about the call, because my nephew has let it be known that his life’s wish is to have …

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Man-day Post: Econ 101, Now With More Mexican Cattle

In Man-day by Jensguy8 Comments

Here’s a little side note from Jennifer’s article on BlogHer which I hope you have already taken the time to read. Do you ever have moments when information just clicks?  Something that takes a really large issue and brings it into a single local issue and suddenly everything makes sense? I’ll show you an example. Here are some Mexican Cows …

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Announcing The GREAT Blog Staycation 2014

In Blog Staycation by Jen12 Comments

I have shared with you before how much I love the SITS Girls. Not only have I been lucky enough to attend one of their Bloggy Boot Camps, but every Saturday they hold a #sitsblogging chat on twitter. I have made many great friends and connections through these Saturday morning chats. One Saturday about 2 months ago a few of …

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A Mother Always Finds A Way

In Jen's Nailed It Challenge, Mommy Reality by Jen34 Comments

Many of you will recall the dating post Jensguy wrote about recently, wherein he mentioned ice blocking as a cheap and economical date. He further explained that this is something he would like to do with our family. When he said family, I believe he meant he would be particularly pleased to see not only his children, but me (his …

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My Food Face Photo Mommy Reality

In Mommy Reality by Jen9 Comments

I can’t believe that we have made it to week 10 of the Mommy Reality Challenge! I have had so much fun seeing your pictures, meeting your family members and learning about your own version of Mommy Reality. Each of you who have participated over the past 10 weeks have become dear friends and I look forward to seeing your …

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Mommy Reality Challenge #10: Food Foto Face

In Mommy Reality by Jen21 Comments

Well, lookie what has happened here! We’ve reached TEN whole weeks of this Mommy Reality Challenge thing! We thought this called for a celebration. Bu-ut it’s summer vacation, actually, and we’re just too wiped-out to do anything especially smashing and clever. So, instead we present you with a new fabulous graphic for your viewing pleasure especially for this post! WOOO! …

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Man-day Post: Movies I Love, But Can’t Recommend

In Man-day by Jensguy13 Comments

I don’t believe that I am alone in my enjoyment of certain things which I am fairly sure others might not enjoy nearly as much as I do.  For example, something like Kipper Snacks. Kipper snacks aren’t for everyone, but if you like them you just really like them. It’s like Sardines, but far more photogenic. So I’m going to …

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Week 9 Of The Mommy Reality Challenge: Life Hacks

In Mommy Reality by Jen17 Comments

  Can you believe that we are at week 9 of the Mommy Reality challenge! When the Mommy Reality team began this project we started with the hope of creating a community of mom’s who would encourage and support one another on this important and difficult journey of motherhood. It has been exciting to watch as together we have shared …