Mommy Reality #22: What’s For Breakfast Mom?

In Mommy Reality by Jen

Hopefully you didn’t miss out on all of the fun of our very spooky Mommy Reality challenge post this last Friday wherein Celeste has challenged us Moms to share what we really eat for breakfast.

Celeste shared she eats noodles for breakfast.

I think it probably looks more like this, doesn’t it Celeste?

Anyway, let me show you what breakfast looks like around the JENerally Informed house.

It looks like this.

And a lot like this……

Just kidding, remember this little tweet from a while back?

Yes indeed I did catch my oven on fire while making a birthday cake for my daughter Samantha. It takes some serious skills to do that, save the cake and not burn down the house I tell you.

So all domesticity aside, here is my mommy reality for breakfast, well at least what happened today…

Plus a few of these on the side.

Cue the music! Feel free to dance along while you eat your breakfast, oh and you’re welcome.

It’s your turn! Come share what you really eat for breakfast.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!