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Mom Tested Delicious Apple Crisp Recipe

In Cooking & Crafting, Parenting by Jen26 Comments

There is ALWAYS an opportunity cost involved when I cook. I know that by even stepping foot into the kitchen that is exactly the moment when chaos will erupt in my house, screaming will begin, fighting will ensue and tears will fall (only occasionally mine). Here’s what happened today when I ventured into the kitchen….. Not going to see images …

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Hispanic Entertainment Greatness! Valens, Menudo, and Julio

In Parenting by Jen26 Comments

For Hispanic Heritage Month, my thirteen year old daughter Samantha brought home a project from her Junior High Spanish class. She had been assigned to research and make a poster on Rosie Perez in order to promote and teach about Hispanic community members who have affected American entertainment and pop culture. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Rosie Perez …

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Mommy Reality #21: Scare Us

In Mommy Reality by Jen19 Comments

Welcome to week 21 of the Mommy Reality Challenge! Last week was EPIC! We had a Mommy Reality giveaway and a flat out plethora of entries for the “Something I Can’t Get Rid of Challenge”! Speech Time! Thanks to all of you rockin’ Moms for making these challenges fun and successful and thank you even more for all of your …

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Spooky Meal Ideas: Mummy Dogs!

In Cooking & Crafting, Reviews by Jen30 Comments

I am super excited to be bringing you this fun post today! Mom It Forward has invited me to share a recipe of my choosing featuring a product from Hillshire Brands that I purchased at a Safeway grocery store.  These are both brands that I have enjoyed and supported for years so I was happy to be a part of …

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Become A Mom Media Contributor Extraordinaire

In Blogging by Jen34 Comments

Last week I had the opportunity to go on the radio as a Mom blog contributor.  It was equal parts exciting and completely nerve wracking! Luckily, I did not vomit on the mic or the host and I have been told by quite a few people that I did a great job (not just by my mom and husband.) Anyway, …

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Man-day Post: Charlie

In Man-day, Parenting by Jensguy12 Comments

This is Charlie. She is our grand niece. She was born with Down Syndrome. Her parents were aware of this before Charlie was born and chose to continue on. They are young and have their whole lives ahead of them, but against the grain of most who face this particular decision they brought her into the world and loved her. …

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Be Scarf-a-liscious

In Cooking & Crafting by Jen20 Comments

Every year in October fleece goes on sale and when it does I grab up oodles in preparation for the Holiday season. Today I want to show you one of the very simple and easy gifts my children make as Holiday presents for their teachers and friends. It is actually something they look forward to doing each year and as …

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Dear Blogger: You Are Totally Missing The Boat!

In Blogging by Jen41 Comments

I really like blogging, I like the community and most importantly I truly enjoy reading the stories and life experiences my blogger friends share. I wish each of them could be fully compensated for the great work they do. The bloggers I know put out top notch quality posts week after week that inspire, teach, uplift and entertain. These type …

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Mommy Reality: Why Can’t I Get Rid Of This Crap!

In Mommy Reality by Jen13 Comments

Welcome to week 20 of the Mommy Reality Challenge! I hope you have taken a few moments to enter our awesome little “hoarders dream” giveaway! Go Go Gadget Rafflecopter! a Rafflecopter giveaway For this new Mommy Reality challenge Celeste has asked that we all share something we can’t get rid of. I have to admit that I throw junk out …

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Mommy Reality #20: Something I Can’t Get Rid Of

In Mommy Reality by Jen17 Comments

Hey! Quit staring at the loot and focus! We mean… welcome! Hi everybody! We are excited to announce that it’s our 20th week hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge! We are SO celebrating the occasion by throwing an epic giveaway for our Mommy friends! But before we do, keep reading because we have some stuff we need to talk at you …

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The GREAT Pumpkin Palooza

In Cooking & Crafting, Parenting by Jen33 Comments

I have been a very good girl and waited patiently for the opportunity to start, pinning, sharing and blogging about all things Fall. I love this time of year and I really, really love pumpkin! The JENerally Informed family will be baking, crafting and whipping up pumpkin themed items like crazy and just wait until you see the masterful pumpkin …

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Mommy Reality #19: Before Mommy Was Mommy

In Mommy Reality by Jen31 Comments

Wowza, Happy Week 19 of the Mommy Reality Challenge! We’d like to introduce you to the hosts of the Mommy Reality Challenge. We are Celeste and Jen and we are both Moms and bloggers who just want to provide an honest glimpse at what being a Mom is all about and capture the real unedited moments on our blogs and …

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A Legacy Of Love

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen38 Comments

Sometimes as a blogger there are stories you don’t intend to share when you sit down to write, but try as you might one story or theme can take precedence in a post, almost unintentionally.  This is one of those posts. I sat down to write about my experience as a sandwich generation and share some tips for caring for …