Victoria’s Secret Sport Voxbox From Influenster

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Victoria Secret has just recently launched their Sport Collection and a few weeks ago I received an email notification from Influenster that I had been selected to receive the Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox!

If you are unfamiliar with Influenster it is a website where you can link up your social media accounts and based on your influence in certain areas you will receive occasional surveys for products and brands. If after completing the survey you seem to be a good fit to review a product you will then receive complimentary products from specific or several brands to review and test.

The fact that I was selected was pretty exciting news around here! My husband rejoiced that perhaps this much loved outfit might finally be replaced.

Last week this much anticipated VoxBox arrived in the mail! You all know I REALLY love pink and looking at this pretty pink box made me so happy. I couldn’t wait to rip into it!

Inside the package came two items from the Victoria’s Secret Sport collection. The first item was one of their sport bras. I had no idea how many different varieties of sports bras Victoria’s Secret offered. The one I received is called The Incredible. I really like the width of the straps and the halter back, plus the lining on the inside of the cups is a really nice touch. The fit was right on for my bust size and I didn’t feel like I had to keep pulling it down and adjusting it into place like other sports bras I have worn in the past.

The second item in the VoxBox was a pair of Knockout Sport Crop Pants.

After wearing the crop pants for a week now I’m a big fan! The pants are amazingly soft, comfy, stretchy and high wasted enough to give me some much appreciated tummy control (4 children via cesarean section =shot stomach muscles).

Do you notice the pants have a hidden waistband pocket? Awesome, right!

Now that these Knockout Crop Pants have been accepted as an integral part of my workout, more like daily clothing, I believe Jensguy has plans that involve a bonfire and my old mom-wear….

Plus, these little beauties that came in the package have made me very popular with my friends and family members! I might even hit the mall and tuck one or 2 in the sports section of Victoria’s Secret.

You can visit here to check out more of the Victoria’s Secret sport collection. This clothing line is really pretty great and gets a 2 thumbs up from me!

The Scoop: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. You can sign up to be a part of the Influenster family as well here or email me and I will send you a personal invitation.

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