Three Things Every Parent Of An #Empath Should Know #parentingempaths

Three Things Every Parent Of An Empath Should Know

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I was watching the movie the Sixth Sense with my older kiddos last night and one of them said to me, ” So basically this movie is just a rip-off of an empath’s life?’ I was like yeah, I guess so. What’s funny is that I think there are thousands of empaths out there who don’t talk about what they are, because they think it is too weird and that they will be labeled freaks like the adorable little boy was in the movie. I actually think it might be the other way around. Maybe we were all intended to have heightened emotional sensitivities, but somehow over the years, it has been blocked by many people through evolution or whatever it may be. And the “blockers” are the exception to the rule and the empaths are what we all ACTUALLY should be.

Who knows right?  It’s kind of like a what came first, the egg or the chicken debate. All I know is that being an empath should not be hidden. If people don’t believe it is real, then I bet there is a lot they are digging their head in the sand about…..

And who needs to convince people like that anyway, right?!

Enough of that, you came here for three things that every empath parent should know. There are actually probably more things I could list, but parenting is pretty simple. It’s based on love and trust and everything else falls into place if those 2 things exist.

Three Things Every Parent Of An #Empath Should Know #parentingempaths

Here are Three Things Every Parent Of An Empath Should Know

Don’t Be Afraid To Advocate For Your Empathic Child

As a personal example, there was once this lady that kept picking on one of my children. She never did anything blatantly unkind, but just didn’t like them. That’s a whole other discussion for another day because sometimes people feel uncomfortable around empaths because somehow they make them feel differently. Who knows why, but maybe some people’s “spidey senses” get triggered by empaths. Maybe it’s guilt? Who knows!

Anyways, this lady would just always slightly nudge or block my child. My child told me they could feel the dislike coming off this person and they kept trying to steer out of their way, and any interactions they had with this person they tried to keep respectful and light. After it happened again for like the 5th time. I went to this person and said it wasn’t OK. They were shocked because they had never done anything blatantly cruel (that could be caught), but they knew the intentions of their heart and once I called them out, they stopped. I didn’t need to explain my child was an empath, because some people don’t deserve explanations.

Just the fact that we know what is going on will stop the behavior of people like this. Maybe it won’t change their feelings, but, ah, you can’t solve every problem.

Sometimes You Go Places With Your Empath Kid And Stuff Happens- Be Prepared

I am not going to go into details, but once I was at a world-renowned visitor location with one of my children when they said that the former resident, who had been dead for many years, was still there and was very angry people were traipsing through their home. I was like, WHAT? I believed them though and when others oohed and ahhed over this and that, we quickly moved on our way and out of the location to someplace else.

You don’t need to be afraid to go places, just be prepared. For example, are you going to a cemetery? Maybe you should prep your child a little bit and talk about their feelings while there. Doing this will help them to learn how to not be scared when things happen to them that doesn’t happen to everyone else.

The keyword here is to try to be prepared and when you are caught unprepared make sure to be very open in communication to help teach your child how to navigate through difficult situations that they will more than likely have their whole life.

Communication, Communication, And More Communication Is Key

If I haven’t already emphasized this point about a million times, let me emphasize it one more time. Communication with any child is vital, but with your empathic child, it is downright detrimental when it doesn’t happen. My children don’t talk to everybody about their experiences, nor should they have to. The fact that they know I am here with an open ear and will really listen to what they have to say without doubting or second-guessing their experiences is huge. It gives them confidence in the reality of their experiences and also the strength to know how to navigate them as they get older.

If you are the parent of an empathic child and need someone to fire questions off to, don’t hesitate to email me. I would love to chat! I’ve been there… mostly. I m still learning every day. Anyways, you can grab my email address at the little button in the top right corner of my page.

Thanks for stopping in to read, and remember your empathic child has the potential to do amazing things that others won’t even have the possibility or opportunity to do. This is a gift, not a curse. It is given as a way to bless the lives of others, and, as parents, we can help our empathic children learn how to do that.

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