Parenting An Empath. Here's How To Help Your Young Empath Create Safe Spaces #empath #parentingempaths #parenting

Parenting An Empath: Creating Safe Spaces

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As an empath one of the most important things you can ever do to guard your health and well-being is to actively work to create safe spaces for yourself. These are spaces or places where you can recharge and remove some of the excess energy and emotions that you have picked up from others. As a parent to an empath, it is vital that you teach them how to create these safe places for themselves and to make sure that they understand spending time in those places is not being selfish, but it is something that helps to keep them healthy.

Today I am going to share a few ideas for creating safe places, some might not be what you traditionally think of as a safe place, but they can be helpful and healing.

Parenting An Empath. Here's How To Help Your Young Empath Create Safe Spaces #empath #parentingempaths #parenting

Safe Spaces At Home

I am a big advocate for having your home be that safe space where an empath can go to recharge. As a parent, I have worked to guard my home. What this means is that I don’t allow everyone into my home. Sometimes even extended family members. I am not a huge entertainer and don’t really relish having large groups in my home that could bring with them things we might not want or that my children aren’t ready or able to deal with.

This doesn’t mean we are anti-social. Empaths are “people-people” whether they want to be or not, but my children know that our home is a safe place for them to be completely who they are. They are free to talk about experiences here and to not have to engage with others when they have already been drained far too often from others in the “outside world”.

As a rule, focus on the energy within your home. It can be “real” with real-world problems, but if you foster an environment of honesty, communication, respect, and also a place where an empath can be who they are without pretense or falsehoods, then you are doing it right.

Safe Space Hobbies

Keep in mind as well that safe spaces can also be hobbies that interest and immerse your empath in healing activities that help them to recharge. These safe space hobbies can be painting, gardening, LEGO play, reading books, sewing, writing, creating music, playing the piano or other musical instruments, running, exercise, crafting or pottery, and pretty much whatever else your young empath is interested in.

These interests can become their safe places. Ones that they can take and develop in order to help them center their emotions and find peace. If your empath has an interest, encourage them to pursue it and to find joy in that hobby.

Parenting An Empath. Here's How To Help Your Young Empath Create Safe Spaces #empath #parentingempaths #parenting

Parenting An Empath. Here's How To Help Your Young Empath Create Safe Spaces #empath #parentingempaths #parenting

Safe Spaces When You Are With People

This is the hardest one of all, but it is really important that you teach your young empath even when they are with other people they can still create safe spaces for themselves. Teaching this takes time and patience for all empaths to learn, and they really will learn this, because an empath can get drained in just a matter of minutes if they are with someone who is an energy-sucker. An energy-sucker is my own family name for people who take a lot more than they give. They aren’t always doing this on purpose, but recognizing energy-suckers allows you to protect yourself.

Here are some ways to create those safe spaces when you are with people:

Choose your friends well.

Narcissists are always drawn to empaths and will work to manipulate their way into an empaths life. This can happen even to young empaths. I have had very young children who had friends who were doing this to them and I have had to help my children understand that not every friend is good for them, and even though you want to help someone, you can’t do that unless they want to be helped. Teach your children that good friends are ones who love them for who and what they are. They aren’t clingy or needy, but when you are around them you feel happy.

Parenting An Empath. Here's How To Help Your Young Empath Create Safe Spaces #empath #parentingempaths #parenting

Use Energy Visualization Protection Methods

Energy and emotions are always there, no matter where you go. I have worked to teach my children that if they feel some type of energy they don’t like to move away from it. If you are sitting in a class and that is not possible, then take a minute and in your mind visualize and put in place a protective wall or barrier around your desk that keeps that energy out.  I remind them that even though they may feel something, they do not need to make it a part of their life if they don’t want it. Instead, they can block or deflect energies that they do not want to be a part of their life by visualizing protection methods to protect their most vulnerable emotional places.

Finally, this is where those safe places at home or through hobbies become important, teach your children to use those safe spaces to help cleanse themselves of any energy or emotions that they want to get rid of or have picked up from other people.

Safe Spaces in Prayer and Meditation

As a parent to an empath, faith and meditation is key. I know that within the empath world there are spiritual and religious empaths who are divided on where these gifts come from. I am an empath believer who also believes in the healing power of  Jesus Christ’s atonement. I find great peace and comfort in my relationship with Jesus Christ and the time that I take to commune and talk with my Heavenly Father as I seek guidance and help to protect and watch over my children and family. I admit to spending quite a few years upset that my Heavenly Father had given my children these gifts.  I felt that He was supposed to love them and as a mother watching them struggle at times felt like these gifts were such a curse,  but hindsight is 20/20, right? And as I have watched them grow and mature, I now know that my Heavenly Father’s ultimate plan is far better than my own and that with the help of Christ, the ultimate empath, my children can find peace and the ability to successfully deal with their abilities.

Parenting An Empath. Here's How To Help Your Young Empath Create Safe Spaces #empath #parentingempaths #parenting


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