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Breaking News! Making Dinner Is Hard And Should Now Be Someone Else’s Responsibility

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen28 Comments

Oh the mind-bending hopelessness of the family mealtime!!! This last week I read a story on Slate that attempted to relate the findings and conclusions of a study by 3 North Carolina State University Sociologists: Sarah Bowen, Sinika Elliott and Joslyn Brenton. Their team conducted in-depth interviews with 150 black, white, and Latina mothers from all walks of life. They …

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Mommy Reality: The Last Thing I Bought

In Mommy Realityby Jen10 Comments

If you are new to the Mommy Reality Challenges, welcome! We are so glad you have joined us! The Mommy Reality Challenge is a way for us Moms to share the real in our lives and be proud about it. This week my Mommy Reality partner in crime Celeste has asked us to share the last thing we spent money …

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Mommy Reality #16: What Are You Buying Mom

In Mommy Realityby Jen11 Comments

Cue music! So, in last week’s Mommy Reality Challenge, Jen took us to a deeeep… dark… disturbing place with her chosen theme of “What Lies Beneath”… our couches! We certainly saw plenty! Crumbs, pens, toys, cats… -CATS?! You all helped Jen, Celeste, and last week’s special co-host Debbie feel a sense of relief that we weren’t alone in our couch-cleaning …

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Tales Of A Middle School Mom

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen20 Comments

An unavoidable truth of motherhood is that our precious little babies do not stay that way for very long. No matter how much we wish we could freeze the process and stop their aging, we can’t and they will grow up. Thirteen years ago my first Princess was born. I remember looking at the tiny preemie baby in my arms …

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Reclaiming Sleep In Our House

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen27 Comments

I have to admit that I am blessed with pretty good kids who are sweet, lovely and kind. Sure they aren’t perfect, but on a whole our home is good place to be. Well, that is the case except for at night. Nighttime has become an epic battlefield where sleep deprivation seems to be the only winner. Here is the …

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Man-day Post: Canning your SPAM

In Blogging, Man-dayby Jensguy14 Comments

Welcome to another installment of Man-day from Jen’s husband, Jen’s Guy! Generally I am a big fan of SPAM.  I like it fried with with eggs and veggies.  Seriously, how can you not like this? Well, that is unless you are my wife, who inexplicably doesn’t.  She IS, however, a very good cook and mother and looks as hot as …

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Mommy Reality #15: What Lies Beneath

In Mommy Realityby Jen15 Comments

  I am sure that Celeste is THRILLED we had so many participants in this week’s Mommy Reality challenge in order to avoid any further photos from Jen such as this little beauty… Moving on, again….. Thank you to all who participated in this week’s challenge. The concept behind the Mommy Reality challenges was to provide a way for all …

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The REAL Rules For Raising A Toddler

In Motherhood, Parentingby Jen29 Comments

Last week my good friend Sarah of Ruffles and Rainboots asked me to guest post over at her blog. I love Sarah and was thrilled to do so. If you haven’t checked her blog out before now, you really should. You are all familiar with my caboose baby Miss Anneliese Claire. She is 17 months old and is beautiful, lovely …

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Blog Staycation Link-Up!

In Blog Staycationby Jen18 Comments

The past four days have really been amazing. I have had the opportunity to meet so many new blogging friends and take a BIG chunk out of my blogging to do list. I even moderated my first Facebook and Twitter chats, talk about nerve wracking! Thank you to everyone who participated throughout the Staycation! Let’s make sure to stay connected! …

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My Mommy Reality Includes Junk

In Mommy Realityby Jen16 Comments

Last week Celeste and I had so much fun by ourselves with the Mommy Reality challenge I thought we deserved our own special meme! Thanks Leilani of Just a Touch of Crazy for your great tutorial on how to do this! Love you Celeste. Moving on………… This week’s Mommy Reality challenge is all about showing the junk that we as …

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Mommy Reality #14: The Junk Drawer

In Mommy Realityby Jen20 Comments

Well… it’s okay that nobody wanted to play with us last week! *sniff* *sniff*. The theme was “Grocery Store Treasures” and the Mommy Reality Team searched faithfully to bring you such treasures as this: And this: But we understand being busy moms (especially during back-to-school week) and, no worries, we are good sports (and we’ll take our play-things and not …

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Guest Post: Making Photos Pop With Picmonkey

In Blog Staycationby Jen15 Comments

I am SO VERY excited to have the PicMonkey gurus Leilani and Emily from Just a Touch of Crazy guest posting over here as part of the Blog Staycation. These ladies have so many seriously amazing pictures and images that literally fly off the page and are oh so pinnable! Make sure you check in over at their website to …