Mommy Reality: How Jen Would Spend Her Extra Hour

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For this latest Mommy Reality challenge my compadre in crime Celeste, has asked us to share what we would do if we had an extra hour in each day? This is an interesting question she has posed.

As Mothers our time is already limited. We must care for and nurture our tiny (sometimes bigger) humans. Making sure they are clothed, fed and generally provided for. By the end of each day I personally feel as if I have survived some great Herculean saga, when in reality it was just a Thursday.

Therefore, after much pondering and soul searching I have decided that I would spend my one extra hour a day doing this.

Thirteen years ago I gave birth to my first child and in tandem with that event, I said goodbye to ever sleeping like a normal person again. For example, two nights ago  this little episode happened.

This is just one of the many examples in which my children have creatively conspired to destroy their Mother’s sleep. Nights of bed wetting, vomiting, bad dreams, sickness, worry and even hyperactivity have lead me to start each new day posing one single question…..

Unfortunately, once you have children the answer always seems to be the same.

Now It’s your turn to share!


If you had an extra hour a day, what would you do with it?

You have 1 more week to complete this challenge!

face smack

But DON’T Take a whole week to do it, because we are on pins and needles here!

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