Mommy Reality #18: The “Drinking” Game

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In case you missed it, this week Celeste my Mommy Reality compatriot has asked us to treat ourselves with our favorite beverage. So basically she is asking a bunch of Mom’s to go drinking this week.

Alright then, let’s get this party started!

Now what does a tee totaling gal like me use to float her beverage boat, well if inquiring minds want to know….

Bam, right here is your redneck version of the Mommy Reality.

Tell me that you too don’t get excited by a view like this? Twelve different sticky, sweet flavors of frozen beverages, plus the name Freezoni is epically awesome. This is seriously a win, win here people.

Then after you have filled your drink you can top it off with completely processed and additive riddled “whipped topping”.

Yes, and here is finally some parenting advice I can totally adhere too!

It’s NEVER too soon to start a Big Q addiction.

See what a good parent I am!

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  1. You said I’d laugh at this, but I’m SOO not because QT rules! Any time I go to a state that doesn’t have a QT, I am seriously flabbergasted and annoyed by having to go elsewhere! Everywhere else is so inefficient! I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t live in a town with QTs!

    Yep, I think I’ve reached my cap on exclamation points usage for the day.

    P.S… what is that advertisement about Cola? LOL… is that real life?
    Celeste @LeapfrogandLipgloss recently posted…Mommy Reality Challenge 18 and Link UpMy Profile

    1. Author

      Did you guys have the 65 cent ice cream cones this summer? I LOVE QT! I even ate a hot dog there and that is saying something for a girl like me to eat a hot dog at a convenience store.

      I found the cola image last night and I think it is real and awesome :) They did some crazy stuff back in the day….
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality#18: The “Drinking” GameMy Profile

  2. Wait…why have I never had a qt before?! So many options! I need one in my life- especially if I get to pack the whipped cream on myself! I think I’d just pour it in my mouth

  3. By the look on your daughters face she can’t believe how good QT tastes either!

    I have never heard of QT, but I am guessing that it’s similar to a slush puppy…But then you wouldn’t top a slush puppy with whipped topping…To be honest most of drinkable treats in this weeks link up I’ve not heard of! I get the feeling I am leading a rather sheltered life and am probably missing out on loads!
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    1. Author

      It is probably very similar to a slush puppy, I am not sure the whipped topping is really made with anything remotely dairy though….

      I wish I could send you one over there, I think you and the family would really dig them!
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