The “Jen Nails It” Pinterest Challenge

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I am HOOKED on Pinterest!

I love the luscious desserts and savory fare that make me drool over their sweet perfection. I covet the fashion and perfectly coiffed hair that seems so easy to copy and incorporate into my busy life. I salute all of the holidays that I never even knew existed. I too will celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day with all of the gooey goodness displayed in the magical squares of preparation perfection!

Pinterest is like a big happy smorgasbord of the best of everything and I can sample and even put things away for future conquest with a single click.

It’s no secret that I am completely time starved. Everything I cook, craft or try to accomplish in a day has to be done with maximum efficiency in mind. When I am on Pinterest, logic and reason forget to inform me that some of this stuff would be impossible for me. Something needs 40 ingredients, two weeks of preparation and ingredients only found in a Moroccan market, I can do that!  That Spaghetti sauce with the meat and cheese stuffed pasta that has been passed down for generations until it is embedded in your family’s genetic code?  I got that, and should be able to knock it out in about 45 minutes.

The fallacious belief that we can create everything we see on Pinterest has begun the “Nailed It” campaigns that have left many of us in stitches. You can check out my Pinterest board for some of my favorite Pinterest fails.

I believe that life should always be showered with moments of fun. To this end, I am embarking on the “Jen Nails It! Pinterest Challenge.”










Suggest something you think would be fun to watch a 30 something mother of four do for the first time and I will do my best to bring it to reality, documenting the entire process.  My husband and children will be the final panel that chooses my ultimate adventure, and I suspect that they will pick the challenge that will amuse them more than a project that will set me up for success.

So here are some suggestions and they are not exclusive. I leave my fate in your hands. Suggest away via the comments section, and let’s have some fun together!

Possible Examples for Jen’s Nailed It Challenge

  • Make baklava (It does not matter that I am not Greek and have never even attempted to make a Greek salad.)
  • Visit the batting cages although I have never even hit a baseball.
  • Tole painting
  • Cartoon character cupcakes.
  • Do-it-Youself beauty mask or hair products.
  • A multiple step cooking or DIY project.
  • One of the workouts from Pinterest.

Please feel free to ignore any campaigning my husband may undertake concerning Belly Dancing lessons. . .

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. Yes, I think my baseball playing son is hoping for this one as well. He probably would like to set the speed on high. :)

  2. Sounds like fun! But what is tole painting? I don't think I'd want my kids to pick a project for me :)

  3. Gotcha. On the other hand, maybe it's good for our kids to see us try things we're not automatically good at! I'm sure you'll have a lot of laughs with whatever you do.

  4. Whew, that's one more vote that keeps me away from my family's goal of having me belly dance or get hit by fast flying baseballs!

  5. Oh I am so signing up for email subscription so I can follow along. Your goals are very ambitious and you are so brave to share them. Can't wait to see what you do with this.

  6. I think the bating cages would be fun. My boyfriend and I like to check out the go carts at Frankie's. I'd love to make baklava but I don't know if I could make it as great as what I've tasted. I hope your having a great Sunday.

  7. Thanks Jen, my family is really leaning towards ethnic dancing routines as seen on Pinterest and also the cartoon cupcakes. Should be fun :)

  8. Leslie, I think my son totally agrees with you on the batting cages. I think the speed might be rather fast though and not turn out to my benefit :) All things considered, it will all be a "Nailed It" moment for sure!

  9. Great idea!! I love Pinterest too – so many wonderful things to be done. :D
    Hey, I see on your sidebar that you are an Influester and I thought I'd recommend a really fun product review site (in case you haven't heard of it). It's called BzzAgent and it's super easy and fun to do (and free!) You fill out a bunch of surveys and they match you up with "campaigns" to try products out. You can choose to join a campaign or skip it if it doesn't appeal to you. Anyway, check it out at :D
    Btw, thanks for reading my Too Much Stuff ~ Minimizing post this morning!

  10. Thanks Valerie. Your minimalist post is really great and makes me want to start piling up the stuff to get rid of. I do this quite frequently and you would l think I am killing my children by trying to get rid of the toys they haven't played with for years! I love hearing about new campaign opportunities. Thanks for letting me know about BzzAgent!

  11. My kids are quite used to donating at this point (the older ones are 13 and 10 so they've been around a donating mama for a long time! lol) but sometimes they realize I donated one of their toys, like 7 years ago, and start making a big deal about it. If you didn't realize it for 7 years, I'm betting it hadn't been getting played with! ;)
    Sure, I love being a BzzAgent and always tell others about it because it's so straightforward, plus it's super fun to create buzz. :)
    Oh, and I added your blog to my reader so I won't miss a post (I'm not a fan of subscribing by email). I look forward to your new posts!

  12. I did BzzAgent last night. Thanks for letting me know about it. Your blog was added to my reader list when I first visited. I am really looking forward to your posts and becoming better friends!

  13. Thanks for adding my blog too. :) And yay for becoming a BzzAgent! I just got a box of Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola (cranberry and almond flavor) in the mail today from them. :D

  14. I can spend hours on Pinterest too! We used to love going to the batting cages when I was younger. Now I want to bring the whole fan:)

  15. I have 2 in baseball right now and they are planning to get me in those cages with that machine pretty soon. Glad your experience was good, that gives me hope that I won't leave with big goose-eggs :)

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