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Mommy Reality: Why Can’t I Get Rid Of This Crap!

In Mommy Reality by Jen13 Comments

Welcome to week 20 of the Mommy Reality Challenge! I hope you have taken a few moments to enter our awesome little “hoarders dream” giveaway! Go Go Gadget Rafflecopter! a Rafflecopter giveaway For this new Mommy Reality challenge Celeste has asked that we all share something we can’t get rid of. I have to admit that I throw junk out …

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Mommy Reality #20: Something I Can’t Get Rid Of

In Mommy Reality by Jen17 Comments

Hey! Quit staring at the loot and focus! We mean… welcome! Hi everybody! We are excited to announce that it’s our 20th week hosting the Mommy Reality Challenge! We are SO celebrating the occasion by throwing an epic giveaway for our Mommy friends! But before we do, keep reading because we have some stuff we need to talk at you …

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The GREAT Pumpkin Palooza

In Cooking & Crafting, Parenting by Jen33 Comments

I have been a very good girl and waited patiently for the opportunity to start, pinning, sharing and blogging about all things Fall. I love this time of year and I really, really love pumpkin! The JENerally Informed family will be baking, crafting and whipping up pumpkin themed items like crazy and just wait until you see the masterful pumpkin …

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Mommy Reality #19: Before Mommy Was Mommy

In Mommy Reality by Jen31 Comments

Wowza, Happy Week 19 of the Mommy Reality Challenge! We’d like to introduce you to the hosts of the Mommy Reality Challenge. We are Celeste and Jen and we are both Moms and bloggers who just want to provide an honest glimpse at what being a Mom is all about and capture the real unedited moments on our blogs and …

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A Legacy Of Love

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen38 Comments

Sometimes as a blogger there are stories you don’t intend to share when you sit down to write, but try as you might one story or theme can take precedence in a post, almost unintentionally.  This is one of those posts. I sat down to write about my experience as a sandwich generation and share some tips for caring for …

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Jen’ s Guy vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

In Man-day by Jensguy31 Comments

OK, I know I am several years behind, but let’s discuss pop literature. I am an English Lit Major, and when I was in college, I went to class with this person: To be honest, I never would have pegged her for somebody who would bend American Pop Culture to her will. But there it is, and as a man, …

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Mommy Reality #18: The “Drinking” Game

In Mommy Reality by Jen25 Comments

In case you missed it, this week Celeste my Mommy Reality compatriot has asked us to treat ourselves with our favorite beverage. So basically she is asking a bunch of Mom’s to go drinking this week. Alright then, let’s get this party started! Now what does a tee totaling gal like me use to float her beverage boat, well if …

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Mommy Reality #18: Treat Yourself

In Mommy Reality by Jen7 Comments

Welcome to the 18th edition of the Mommy Reality Challenge! If you’ve been with us for a while, it’s good to see you again. If you’re new, it’s nice to meet you! Please join right in like you own the place and stuff! (Don’t be like this uncool lady who would rather just observe our uber-coolness). The Mommy Reality Challenge …

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What Is Really Important

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen18 Comments

This week the Southern Arizona community has been bracing itself for the after effects of Hurricane Odile. Community wide we saw graphics like this to make sure we did not take this situation lightly. Do you see that big green swath with the words CATASTROPHIC FLOODING? Yeah, that’s where I live…. This morning as Jensguy and I watched the news …

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Victoria’s Secret Sport Voxbox From Influenster

In Reviews by Jen17 Comments

Victoria Secret has just recently launched their Sport Collection and a few weeks ago I received an email notification from Influenster that I had been selected to receive the Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox! If you are unfamiliar with Influenster it is a website where you can link up your social media accounts and based on your influence in certain areas …

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Man-day Post: Whither Chivalry. . .

In Man-day by Jensguy13 Comments

About a week ago, I heard comedian and talk show host Dennis Miller talking about the “momentous” release of hacked nude photographs.  The gist of it was, “I didn’t look at the photographs, it really isn’t my thing.  I figure that they didn’t want them released,  so it wouldn’t be right of me to be out there looking.”  And finally, …

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Mommy Reality #17: Pillow Power

In Mommy Reality by Jen23 Comments

Welcome to a new edition of Mommy Reality! If you are new to the Mommy Reality Challenge we are so glad to have you joining us! The Mommy Reality Challenge is a way for us Moms to share the real in our lives and be proud about it. This week Celeste asked us to share the last thing we spent …

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Breaking News! Making Dinner Is Hard And Should Now Be Someone Else’s Responsibility

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen28 Comments

Oh the mind-bending hopelessness of the family mealtime!!! This last week I read a story on Slate that attempted to relate the findings and conclusions of a study by 3 North Carolina State University Sociologists: Sarah Bowen, Sinika Elliott and Joslyn Brenton. Their team conducted in-depth interviews with 150 black, white, and Latina mothers from all walks of life. They …