Word Is Getting Out About My Blogging

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So last week one evening around 7:30 p.m. my doorbell rang. I was a little slow getting down there, but when my husband answered the door no one was there, just a single stapled together craft idea sitting on my doorstop from another blog.

No note, nothing. Hmm, this is very curious. Well alrighty then, is it a challenge or a desire to help inspire a new blogger? I suspect the person had internet access in order to print it, but didn’t perhaps want to be identified. This could have been A LOT worse. Oh well, I ‘m up for trying anything!

Anyway, how hard can this be and peeps are like 10 cents now that Easter is over and I have most of the other stuff hanging out in my cupboards.

Here we go:

First step in the handout says to make the 4 walled bottom part first and then make the steepled roof. Set aside and let dry for about an hour.

Then set the roof.

Yeah, about that…..

I guess I will just let the picture speak for itself.

Well we can still have my old standby of a Peep smooshed between 2 crackers.

My helper even gave this creation a thumbs up!

Repeat after me,”Peeps are not art. They are food”. Win some you lose some.

So now I really need to Nail that fried chicken dinner Pinterest Challenge .

Anyway, before I go I thought I would share with you the end results from our weekend. My daughter and her bunny won several blue ribbons and performed fabulously at the County Fair. We were so proud of her!

The kids and the baby had a wonderful Easter weekend. They played with and fed baby animals, got incredibly dirty, ate lots of candy, went to church and had a wonderful time.

I am so grateful for family. It’s where my story begins and ends.

Here are some pics from the weekend!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!