Top Ten Tip-Offs You Are A Mother

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A few weeks ago I was invited to guest blog by my friend Lysa and today on JENerally Informed in honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share an expanded version of the post I shared over there.

To all of my fellow Mothers out there, here are the Top Ten Tip-Offs You Are A Mother:

1. You carry around a bag that weighs as much as a small baby elephant.

h/t Unearthed Comics

2. You no longer run away from projectile vomit, but run towards it.

3. You know what it feels like to step on a LEGO or a Barbie while on a midnight run to check on sleeping children.

4. In case of emergency, there are enough Goldfish and other crackers stockpiled underneath the seats of your car to survive on overnight.

5. A thirty minute trip to the store alone feels like a small vacation or something worthy of a dance off.

6. You have tried to use your stern “mommy voice” on an adult just to see what happens.

7.  Showering for more than 15 minutes with the door closed feels like a trip to the spa.

8. Realizing that you have been sitting and watching Disney Junior alone for 30 minutes after the children have gone to bed.

9. You have a secret stash of chocolate or candy in the house that your children have no idea about.

10.  You are well versed in the science of analyzing poop that is not your own.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!



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