I Think I’m Failing, Please Help

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I sit here at my computer screen exhausted and worn out, so here goes my plea out to the great internet and beyond. I think I’m failing, please help!

Having raised, 3 children already past babyhood, I kind of felt like I had this whole baby thing down, it’s not easy, but one can survive it. Then my baby Anneliese came. She is now almost 18 months old and since birth has not slept for longer than 2 hour stretches ever, EVER!

During the day she is a normal toddler, playing, eating, causing trouble, but at night we have become accustomed in this house to a certain type of torture.

I have always strictly enforced bedtime and so she goes to bed between 7 and 8 p.m. Then is up every 2 hours for the rest of the night. I have tried it all. The cry it out method does not work as at 9 months she figured out how to propel herself out of her crib and fling her body to the floor. She likes her father just fine during the day, but at night will scream longer and louder when he goes to get her.

This is how most nights end up, with her in the middle of our bed and the rest of us having to get up for work and school. Oh, and yes that is a sticker stuck to her belly button.

Did I say I was exhausted? That is the understatement of the century, I am frazzled, my bones hurt, I want to lay down and sleep in the grocery store, at the park, I think I am developing narcolepsy. I hear stories of other people’s children sleeping for 12 hours and it makes me jealous.

I think I need Super Nanny! Please help! What have you tried that works?