Preparing For The Holidays With An Empathic Child

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Halloween is almost here and that means the build-up for all things holiday season is right around the corner. Since empaths are like sponges, a little forethought and planning on your part will help the holiday season be less stressful and more joyful for your empathic child.

Here are a few very simple and realistic things you can do to help prepare for the holiday season. remember, that ultimately your empath will grow up and have to handle situations like holidays on their own at some point, and so what you as a parent are trying to do is to help them understand and model healthy empathic behavior and protection practices.

As the parent of an #empath preparing for the #holidays is important. Here are a few simple tips for how to do this.


Plan With Who and How you Spend your Holidays.

Pretty simple right, but also pretty loaded at the same time, right?

It really is important that you control how much time you and your empath spend listening to and being around stressful people. Every family has them and you know who they are. Don’t be afraid to say no. If something won’t work for your family, then it is OK to say no and not attend an obligatory function. Your young empath pulls off of your emotions too and if you are miserable, then you are bringing that right home to them. Don’t do it. You can still be kind and say no. In fact, saying yes all of the time is not always being kind. 

Separate out Functions and Allow For Downtime

A non-stop Holiday lineup full of activities with very few breaks in-between those activities is not a great idea for an empath. Plan breaks and downtime. You don’t have to take my word for it, but your empath will get worn down and more than unlikely have their immune system breakdown if they aren’t allowed some downtime. Downtime allows them to re-center and shed off some of the excess emotions and baggage they have picked up from others.

Protect Sleep Schedules

During the holidays this can be difficult, but sleep deprivation leads to a compromised nervous system and that is not a great way for an empath to live their days. Good sleep helps to protect and ground an empath and allows them to more clearly see what is around them.

Move Away

This is one of my little tricks. Sometimes while at family or holiday gatherings, there can be pockets or sometimes individuals that just exude off bad mojo because of what they are going through or their current mental health. I have watched my young empaths respond to that negative mojo almost as if being slapped. When I see that, then I know it is time to move away, literally. Get a good 20 feet or so away from that person or situation and talk to your empath about how it made them feel.

The idea is not always to evade strong emotions, but to practice proactive empathic understanding and to not encourage narcissists or energy vampires to be able to drain your empath. Empaths need to learn that they get to choose who they help and who they offer their power-boosting energy to. It can’t be taken from them without their consent.

As the parent of an #empath preparing for the #holidays is important. Here are a few simple tips for how to do this.

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