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Man-day Post: Four Things You Need to Know About the VA Scandal.

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By now most of you have heard about the VA (Veterans Administration) hospital scandal.  There are a lot of elements that go into it, but the bulk of the problem that is being considered now was the use of fake “wait lists” to schedule medical appointments for veterans who use the public VA hospital system created for their care.  This …

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Mommy Reality Challenge #2

In Mommy Reality by Jen4 Comments

We were blown away by your responses to our First Mommy Reality Challenge! Your many posts, tweets, and Instagram pics have lifted the spirits of many a frustrated mommy, made us laugh, and inspired us all to put our own mommy realities out there! Thank you for spreading the word about this meaningful call to action and using our #mommyreality …

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The Aqua Net Awards

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A few months ago we discussed the Greatest Mullets of the 80’s and 90’s. Now it is time to finally honor all those female mavens of style who boldly wore big and bigger hair and were not afraid to utilize entire cans of Aqua Net in order to perfect their coifs. Now, for the ground rules.  First, Cher is disqualified …

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What Every Parent Should Know About Braces

In Reviews by Jen11 Comments

Three and a half years ago my family Dentist suggested that it was time to look into braces for my oldest daughter Samantha. He informed me she had an overbite and misaligned jaw that would need to be fixed. I quizzed him on options and asked for his recommendations. Don’t get me wrong he is a good Dentist and we …

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Mommy Reality: Time For The 1st Challenge

In Mommy Reality by Jen8 Comments

Let me start off by saying how completely thrilled we are by the outpouring of support and excitement you all have shown for the launch of our Mommy Reality Challenge. Carolyn, Celeste and myself have already been busy checking out your funny posts, pics and tweets. Thank you for not being afraid to show your Real Mom moments. I have …

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I Got To Say It Was A Good Day

In Blogging by Jen14 Comments

It’s time to celebrate! Jensguy was able to import ALL of my comments. JENerally Informed no longer looks like a one way conversation involving  me, myself and I. I don’t think I am capable of explaining what it took to accomplish this, but my husband said it closely resembled plunging clogged toilets. Stay Happy! Stay Informed! Love, Jen

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7 Tips For Raising A Son

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen29 Comments

As a mother to three girls and 1 boy, I quite often get the comment that there has to be a lot of girl power running rampant in my house. I am not a fan of the word girl power, but it’s not for the reasons you think. I far prefer the concept of equal power. I am working hard …

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Man-day Post: JENerally Informed 2.0

In Blogging, Man-day by Jensguy23 Comments

Time for this week’s installment of Man-day by Jensguy.   Yep, we finally did it, and it wasn’t easy.  Thank you for your patience as we completed the process. Please take your time and let us know what you think as you survey the new site, and please don’t be shy in telling us what you like and what you …

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Come Join The Mommy Reality Challenge

In Mommy Reality by Jen34 Comments

Three blogger friends are setting out to change the way the world views the reality of motherhood. Today, we are proud and positively ecstatic to announce the launch of the #mommyreality Blogging Challenge! Meet The Mommy Reality Team: Carolyn of A Lavender Life *Jen of JENerally Informed * Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss Our Mission: We want to provide an …

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The Anatomy Of A Viral Post

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About a week ago I was invited to attend a mini Bloggy Boot Camp put on by the SITS Girls and Invisalign. Last week here on the blog I covered 5 important points that every blogger should know. Holly (Quirky Momma) from The Kids Activity Blog was also a featured speaker at the Boot Camp. Holly is amazing and her …

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Dealing With Milestones

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen19 Comments

This week we are heading into some BIG milestones for our family, a kindergarten graduation and a graduation from elementary school. First let’s talk about my kindergartener, Rebekah. I cannot believe that an entire school year has passed, It seems like just yesterday that I dropped her off for her first day of school. Now she will be graduating kindergarten. …

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Man-day Post: Happy Mother’s Day!

In Man-day, Motherhood by Jensguy14 Comments

It’s time for another installment of Man-day from Jensguy. I’m going to keep this post short, because I have quite a few things going on today. To my late mother:  Thank you for raising me, mostly alone.  That took strength that can’t be measured and I hope to continually live up to your sacrifice.  I miss you every day and …