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My Name In Lights

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I am having a moment here. One that I want to share with all of you. As a young girl, I saw myself as a burgeoning theatrical starlett and with every fiber of my High School girl’s heart I had dreams of some day receiving an Academy Award in which my speech would rub in the faces, um I mean thank all of the people who helped me to reach that moment….

Yeah so that has never happened and truthfully I  am good with it. Today, however, I am feeling like I won the jackpot, the Mamalode jackpot to be precise, because the piece I wrote on modern day feminism is the Mamalode featured article!

I have to say it feels pretty good and sharing a message that I feel is important for ALL women to hear is fairly awesome! And I get to do all of this without having the paparazzi dog me, so today I am celebrating the wins and invite you to come on over and share in the moment with me.

 It is far easier to pretend to be perfect, but it takes real courage to accept our imperfections and to still see ourselves as someone worthy of love and respect.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!



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