A Mother Always Finds A Way

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Many of you will recall the dating post Jensguy wrote about recently, wherein he mentioned ice blocking as a cheap and economical date. He further explained that this is something he would like to do with our family. When he said family, I believe he meant he would be particularly pleased to see not only his children, but me (his beloved wife) personally careening down a hill while seated on a small block of ice….

Well we did it. Here’s what happens when you take Jen and the rest of the family ice blocking.

Quite a bit of screaming from me.

A few wipe outs.

Lots of cuteness.

Lots of smiles.

This summer has been interesting for our family.  My husband is an independent contractor and many of our clients are suffering in their practices and businesses. This means we buckle down and tighten up on well, everything.

We didn’t go on a vacation this summer and I have become a master at entertaining my children with zero to just a few dollars spent.

I don’t tell you this to elicit pity. The smiles you see on my children’s faces in these pictures are genuine. They had a blast and want to make this a regular summer tradition.

My Grandma who raised 2 sons during the Depression years once told me, ” A mother always finds a way.”

I found my way this summer and I think it was a good one.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!