Why the message of the Barbie Movie is so important.

Barbie Movie Review: Go See it NOW!

In Motherhood by Jen

My girls and I went to see the Barbie Movie last week. We have been anxiously awaiting its release and expected a fun and lighthearted movie. We did not expect to feel emotions as big as we did and to leave with as many big discussion points as we did. I loved seeing the range of what my girls picked up on. It was fascinating to hear their thoughts since our family spans ages from little girls to young women. We LOVED the movie.

I thought everyone would see the message of this movie and the power in it. Boy was I wrong.

It has been so sad for me to read some of the reviews of the movie from people who totally missed the meaning of the movie.

Why the message of the Barbie Movie is so important.

So today I want to spend a few minutes writing a review about why the message in this movie is so very powerful for both little girls and women to hear. If you missed that message and got caught up somewhere else, I am sorry, but somehow you have become a part of the problem.

Your opinions are why women AND men struggle to feel accepted for who and what they are.

The message in Barbie is not one of feminism, (which I am staunchly a supporter of), but of humanism. Men and women need to be better. We need to be better to ourselves, to other men and women, and that no one sex has the right to “rule” it all.


Who doesn’t want a world with more kindness and equality?

That is why I can’t understand the haters of the movie.

What are you hating on?

That people should be better?

That it is not OK for just one group of people to be in power and exclude others because of their sex or viewpoint?

That physically looking one way means you are automatically NOT allowed a viewpoint?

But if you fit a certain mold, you can definitely have an opinion?

Those are old and outdated and they hurt all of us.

So, go see the movie. Enjoy it and take a few minutes to see what YOU can do to be better and more kinder to yourself and to others.

LONG LIVE Barbie girls of all ages! We really WILL change the world.



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