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Mommy Reality Challenge #6: Comfy Clothes

In Mommy Reality by Jen22 Comments

This week you have openly given access to your laundry closets, basements, patios and rooms. We have seen clothes piled high and the detritus that surrounds a life well lived. Bravo fellow Moms for your willingness to show that we will not be “hampered” by the laundry in our life! The Mommy Reality Challenge is all about moms being honest …

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A Boy’s Guide To Surviving Sisters

In Parenting by Jen25 Comments

Today my son Caleb is celebrating his first double digit birthday. Caleb is one of those special humans who is such a joy to be around. His mellow, fun loving and charming personality has made him the favorite of all of his sisters and many others girls county wide. It also doesn’t hurt that he has his Daddy’s brilliant baby …

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Does Your Toddler Need An Exorcist?

In Parenting by Jen34 Comments

Each time I give birth to a sweet, tiny little baby I hold my bundle of joy in my arms completely repressing the knowledge that there will come a point where that same child, for at least a while, will be completely possessed by demons.  The world refers to this unspeakable horror as “The Toddler Years.” Those of you who …

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Man-Day Post: Alexa Toolbar, Yea or Nay?

In Blogging, Man-day by Jensguy16 Comments

I hate toolbars. As a tech professional who gets called in to fix ailing computers the first thing I often notice is that the offender has so many toolbars on their browser that they can barely see any content. And, nobody, not anyone anywhere, has purposely set as their default homepage. Not even the guys who work there. Just …

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Time For A Giveaway Palooza!

In Blogging, Reviews by Jen19 Comments

When I started my little blog I really believed it would end up being a conversation with me myself and I, peppered with an occasional comment from my Mom and sister. Never in a million years did I imagine that people would actually read my blog and miracle of miracles comment and then come back! I cannot believe in just …

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Jen Takes Over Man-day!

In Man-day by Jen21 Comments

Since it’s Father’s Day I am gifting Jensguy a break from posting and taking over his normal Man-day duties. Interestingly when queried what he would like for Father’s day he said a nap. What?? No fancy elaborate dinner at least?? He again said no. I countered with the fact that I have about 1 zillion recipes pinned just for this …

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What’s Really In Your Kitchen Sink? Mommy Reality Challenge #4

In Mommy Reality by Jen12 Comments

The Mommy Reality Team Carolyn of A Lavender Life *Jen of JENerally Informed * Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss We thoroughly enjoyed perusing the hash-tagged #mommyreality “Moment of Trouble” photos and posts of your teeny tiny troublemakers this week! We were thoroughly tickled by the teasing, tears, and tantrums (okay, we’ll knock it off with the “t’s). Thank you for …