Disney Infinity Just Got A Whole Lot More Awesome

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Last week I discussed with you the Disney Infinity gaming system. Yesterday Disney just announced a new addition coming this fall, and it includes Marvel characters:

Hey, recognize these guys? Just like a mirror.  Nailed It!

So back to the Infinity release, it looks like the Black Widow will soon be teaming up with Elsa from Frozen on the JENerally Informed living room television.

Besides the Avengers, the following Marvel characters have been confirmed:

Spider Man (Yay!!)
Rocket Raccoon  (he will be in a movie coming out this fall, according to my husband) and MODOK (who I looked up and he is THIS guy.  Probably wont be purchasing.)

Additionally, if you scan the release gameplay videos you can catch new, traditional Disney characters that look to be included as well, including:






and Maleficent

I think we can all see what is in store for next years release already, and if you had any doubts, Rapunzel has a clue:


Awesome!  Looking forward to the new additions.

Feel Free Disney Infinity Makers to get with me in order to work on the inevitable cupcake crossover promotional material. I can definitely help you Nail It.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!