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Man-day Post: The Boys (and Girls) of Summer

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It’s time for this weeks Man-day post by Jensguy.   This picture represents the entirety of my Little League playing career. Some things about that: 1.  Notice that we weren’t named the Dodgers, Bears, or anything like that.  We were Lin’s Groceries.  We matched up against teams like Chuck’s Auto and Red Rock RV Resort.  Also, note the blue jeans and …

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Tips For Picking Your March Madness Bracket

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It’s time for this week’s Man-Day Installment from Jensguy. So, if you have ever lacked the desire to fill out a bracket sheet for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there now are one billion reasons why.  Billionaires Dan Gilbert and Warren Buffet are offering $1,000,000,000 for the person who picks a perfect bracket this season.  Of course there are better odds …

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Man-Day Post: What Makes A Man A Hero

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Another week’s installment of Man-day from Jensguy. This is my grandfather, Ward Harold Jensen: I never knew him, he died of cancer three years before I was born.  He was born just before the turn of this last century, lived most of his life, and died in the small town of Redmond, Utah, which I can almost guarantee that nobody reading this …

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Man-day Post: Don’t Be THAT Guy

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It’s time for this weeks Man-day post by Jensguy. So, I’m going to go ahead and admit that I use Facebook, and although I am not constantly updating my status or looking to befriend everybody I ever met, I do find it interesting, especially as a study in social behavior. One of the things that gives me a chuckle is how, every couple …