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What’s Really In Your Kitchen Sink? Mommy Reality Challenge #4

In Mommy Reality by Jen12 Comments

The Mommy Reality Team Carolyn of A Lavender Life *Jen of JENerally Informed * Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss We thoroughly enjoyed perusing the hash-tagged #mommyreality “Moment of Trouble” photos and posts of your teeny tiny troublemakers this week! We were thoroughly tickled by the teasing, tears, and tantrums (okay, we’ll knock it off with the “t’s). Thank you for …

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Man- Day Post: Why I Don’t Miss Dating as a Teenager

In Man-day by Jensguy16 Comments

Welcome to Man-day with Jensguy! I have reached that awkward time in my life where I am starting to see the pictures of girls going to prom posted on Facebook by the mothers of the girls that I myself went to prom with.  Ahh, Technology!  My children are blessedly younger than that so I have a few more years to …

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My Mommy Reality: A Moment of Trouble

In Mommy Reality by Jen18 Comments

Currently in my home there are 4 children, 1 rabbit, 1 dog, 12 fish some living in a tank inside our house and the rest are in our pond outside. Add to that 2 sleep deprived parents and a whole slew of neighborhood children and animals that frequent our house and there are very few moments I can think of …

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Mommy Reality Challenge #3: A Moment of Trouble

In Mommy Reality by Jen6 Comments

It has been truly amazing to see all across social media the #mommyreality hash being used this week. As women we have come together willing to share and encourage each other through our triumphs and some pretty hilarious meal time fails. All of which began with the best of intentions. You shared your saltine crackers for dinner, recipe disasters, happy …

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He’s Just a Boy Who Stands All Alone. . .

In Parenting by Jen4 Comments

Two of my children played baseball this last season. My husband coached Rebekah in her first year in tee-ball and helped out on my son Caleb’s baseball team when his coaching schedule allowed. Aren’t they cute? As a family, we have spent many nights out at the ball field over the last several months. In my time there I have …

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Dealing With Discouragement

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen51 Comments

Yesterday we went to our community pool/ splash pad. The baby and I were sitting in the sun getting warm and watching her brother and sisters splash in the pool. Anneliese had been chewing on a pair of goggles and decided to throw them at a woman sitting next to me. I grabbed them as they landed on her legs …

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Man-day Post: Four Things You Need to Know About the VA Scandal.

In Man-day by Jensguy6 Comments

By now most of you have heard about the VA (Veterans Administration) hospital scandal.  There are a lot of elements that go into it, but the bulk of the problem that is being considered now was the use of fake “wait lists” to schedule medical appointments for veterans who use the public VA hospital system created for their care.  This …

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Mommy Reality Challenge #2

In Mommy Reality by Jen4 Comments

We were blown away by your responses to our First Mommy Reality Challenge! Your many posts, tweets, and Instagram pics have lifted the spirits of many a frustrated mommy, made us laugh, and inspired us all to put our own mommy realities out there! Thank you for spreading the word about this meaningful call to action and using our #mommyreality …

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The Aqua Net Awards

In Uncategorized by Jen19 Comments

A few months ago we discussed the Greatest Mullets of the 80’s and 90’s. Now it is time to finally honor all those female mavens of style who boldly wore big and bigger hair and were not afraid to utilize entire cans of Aqua Net in order to perfect their coifs. Now, for the ground rules.  First, Cher is disqualified …

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What Every Parent Should Know About Braces

In Reviews by Jen11 Comments

Three and a half years ago my family Dentist suggested that it was time to look into braces for my oldest daughter Samantha. He informed me she had an overbite and misaligned jaw that would need to be fixed. I quizzed him on options and asked for his recommendations. Don’t get me wrong he is a good Dentist and we …

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Mommy Reality: Time For The 1st Challenge

In Mommy Reality by Jen8 Comments

Let me start off by saying how completely thrilled we are by the outpouring of support and excitement you all have shown for the launch of our Mommy Reality Challenge. Carolyn, Celeste and myself have already been busy checking out your funny posts, pics and tweets. Thank you for not being afraid to show your Real Mom moments. I have …