Some simple ideas for Celebrating 2020 Seniors During The COVID19 Pandemic. #2020seniors #classof2020

How To Celebrate 2020 Seniors During The COVID19 Pandemic

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Back in 2020  people on “the Facebook” started a new trend where adults started posting pictures of their own graduation moments as a way to “stand in solidarity with the 2020 Senior class.”

I hope that this type of silliness doesn’t start up again for the class of 2021, but just in case it does…. here are some real ideas for celebrating Seniors and this important milestone in their life.

Some simple ideas for Celebrating 2020 Seniors During The COVID19 Pandemic. #2020seniors #classof2020

Ideas For Celebrating 2020 Seniors

1. Write them a little note or card. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just tell them you are proud of them and that you understand this is hard, and that you have faith in them as they move towards their future. Simple right?!

2. After this is over take a senior you know to lunch. Talk to them about their hopes and dreams. Provide support and encouragement for this younger generation that was born the year of September 11th and graduated during the COVID19 pandemic.

3. On the night of what would have been graduation, decorate a Senior’s yard. Put up signs, balloons, chalk up the sidewalk. Let them know that even though they didn’t walk for themselves and everyone to see, their accomplishment is still recognized.

4. Make a bucket list with your Senior of things that they would like to do before they graduate. They don’t have to be BIG things but can be simple things that would be both fun and fulfilling for them.

5. I am personally planning a drive-by parade in the early evening of graduation night to blow fog horns, play loud music and yell congrats from our car windows in front of the Senior’s houses that we know.  I have invited quite a few friends, so it should be a party. If you know a Senior, I think they just might like their own little parade like this one.

6. Decorating a Senior’s door. Heart attack those doors or put graduation caps all over them. You don’t even have to say who did it, but that Senior will know they are loved, and most importantly that we tried to show them that love.

7. Senior spotlights- Spotlight on social media a Senior you know and share something sweet, kind, and uplifting about them. This is way better than posting a picture of yourself in your cap and gown and saying, “Here I am graduating Seniors. Sorry, you missed out. Love ya!”

8. Create a memory book. I was tagged on FB by another Senior mom friend to post pictures of my daughter and to tag another Senior parent. The only problem is that pretty much everyone who I could tag has already done this. So instead, I am doing this and asking my Facebook friends and family members to share memories or messages for my daughter.

Some simple ideas for Celebrating 2020 Seniors During The COVID19 Pandemic. #2020seniors #classof2020

9. Attend a virtual performance. A lot of Senior groups are planning performances for online. My daughter was 2 weeks shy of her last high school musical and will miss her other last theater performance. The teacher has come up with a fun way for them to perform online. If you hear about a performance like this, please share and watch!

10. Consider pitching in when this is all over to hold community backyard proms and graduation ceremonies. If you hear about a Senior family or group doing this, offer to bring some cookies or something to make the night special. I have told my family we are doing both a backyard prom and graduation, and because my daughter will be getting her diploma in her very own backyard, she gets to be the Humphries’ family Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Class President. Doesn’t that work out nicely?! She did work really hard to graduate with honors, much of which was done when she was literally blind due to her auto immune disease.

11. I have also heard about community-run adopt a Senior programs that are happening on social media. I personally haven’t joined one because I already have a load of Seniors I am planning to celebrate, but if you find one you like and can do something special for a Senior in this way, then go for it!

I hope that this has helped you to brainstorm a few ideas for supporting and encouraging your Senior. They are heading out into a very different world from what they thought, and our love and concern for ALL of this younger generation will only pay-it-forward for years to come.

One last idea before I go, here is what my daughter’s High School is doing right now. This is pretty neat and I would love to see other schools participate and share!


Some simple ideas for Celebrating 2020 Seniors During The COVID19 Pandemic. #2020seniors #classof2020

Some simple ideas for Celebrating 2020 Seniors During The COVID19 Pandemic. #2020seniors #classof2020



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  1. I love these ideas and I don’t have a senior, but my older daughter should have been graduating from 5th grade in June. We are not sure if she will be going back as here in NY we are closed now until May 15th at the very least. So, if we indeed don’t go back I will definitely come back to these ideas in mind. Pinning to refer back to for that very reason now.
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  2. I love these ideas for celebrating the seniors in our lives. Being in a lockdown situation here in the UK, I’m missing my Dad.

    1. So sorry to hear that. Isn’t it going to be great when we can all safely get back together again?!

  3. I am so glad to discover that I was not alone in thinking this FB initiative of posting your senior picture was kind of lame. I am glad that you and your daughter brought attention to the matter as not only being lame but insensitive. You have shared so many great ideas here as alternatives! I am so confident that this year’s senior classes everywhere will find special ways to commemorate and celebrate their transition out of high school (or college). They are a very intelligent, creative, and innovative generation and I have no doubts they will make the very best memories of this very strange senior year. Please send my very best wishes to your daughter!


    1. Thank you! There was one lady on my FB page that swore at me and told me I was a judgmental prig for calling this out. I’m like, what? You are making kids sad and I am the bad guy?! You are one of the adults who get it . I knew you would!

      I agree. This 2020 class is awesome and and are going to be amazing!

      Thanks for the love :)
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  4. Totally agree. I have been invited to 2 groups to support a senior and I will not be part of any of it. This is a unique situation and it needs to be very carefully thought out. What about the seniors sharing a photo of the day from each year they were in school? Homecoming photos, best day ever photo… Not our photos. What does my 41-year-old photo have to do with this current nightmare? Nothing – notta – zip :(
    Congratulations to your senior,

    1. Yes! Thank you for getting it. I had one lady swear and call me a judgemental a-hole for saying maybe we should try and actually honor these Seniors in a meaningful way. What- ever…. Can’t win everyone to the side of rational kindness I guess.

      Thanks for being awesome!
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  5. I have enjoyed the pictures you are sharing on Insta of your daughter. Congratulations to her and to you, Momma! I’m sorry it sucks.

    These are all great ideas. It might not be the usual way to celebrate, but it will be memorable.

  6. MA called off schools for the rest of the school year today and I know there are so many disappointed kids out there. Scarlet was due to graduate fifth grade and I know there’s an assembly/yearbook usually. It’s really just so sad. In so many ways.
    I thought the FB photos were dumb personally so I’m glad you said something about it. How does it help, really??

    1. Author

      Boo. I get it, but it is really sad for so many kids. Sorry Scarlet.

      I think sprinkles and glitter are in order for many kids at the end of this school year.

      I can tell you one thing, when it is safe to go out again, my butt is parking in the seat of a Mexican restaurant and never leaving!!!
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