Get Ready For Christmas Eve: Reindeer Food and Letter To Santa Printable!

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Can you believe it is just a few short days until Christmas?

As a family,  we have a Christmas Eve tradition to write thank you letters to Santa and also, to leave out some magical reindeer food for all of his crew. I love this tradition that we have done with our children. It is kind of a quieting down activity to help them get ready for bed. For years now I have always grabbed someone else’s printables off of the internet, but not this year, because I am a legit printable making Queen! And because I love all of you, I’m sharing. So here’s my JENerally Informed gift to you,  a fun letter to Santa Printable and a reindeer food recipe plus the printable to go with it!

Here’s  another little sneak peak at the Santa Printable, plus an adorable mailbox I picked up at the dollar store.

And of course, no Christmas Eve is complete without making some magical reindeer food!

Last week as I was perusing Pinterest I saw quite a few recipes for reindeer food, but some of these recipes had like 10 plus ingredients?! Holy wow, do these people who make these recipes/pins actually have children? That sounds like a “no bueno” plan to me. I say keep it simple, and so my recipe has 2 ingredients; oats and glitter.

Here’s how to make your own reindeer food:

First, print up my adorbs printable. By clicking HERE.

I stacked 2 on a sheet, and guess what? Each tag is measured to exactly fit the top of a sandwich sized bag! You are welcome :)

Simply measure in about 1 cup of oats, and then pour in some glitter.

Zip up the bag, and give it a good shake. Staple on the reindeer poem and voila, you are done!

You now have magical reindeer food! You can grab my reindeer poem printable HERE.

Now let’s talk about the big guy himself, Santa. My children have always liked to write him a letter on Christmas Eve. Thanking him for their presents and for what he does for children. Sometimes they will ask questions about his life or the North Pole, and sometimes they tell a story about themselves. Like apologizing for the year the dog ate Santa’s cookies….

So with these letters I like to keep the space open for them to write what they want.

You can grab my letter to Santa printable HERE.

Happy Decembering friends! Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Absolutely adorable and love that this printable comes in a pack with the reindeer food printable, as well! Perfect for Christmas Eve for all families!! :)

  2. Well oats and glitter are all you need! 10+ ingredients? Sheesh.
    I love this! It’s a fun tradition and you have the best printables ever.

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