Check out these 7 sizzling summer hacks!

7 Sizzling Summer Hacks

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Even though it is about a million degrees down here in Southern Arizona right now, I love summer. If I am being truthful about it, I think I am most enamored with the freedom and flexibility it affords my family to be lazy slugs and only do what we want to. Sure we are still doing stuff and I am working, but the slower pace and activity level suits me just fine.

Hopefully last week you checked out the suggestions my husband Jen’s Guy and I shared for things you should try and avoid in order to not have the worst summer ever, Remember?

How not to do summer.

Anyways, now I would like to share a few life hacks that you are totally going to want to know about in order to be the King or Queen of the summer. You can thank me later.

Check out these 7 sizzling summer hacks!

Keep Bugs Out Of Your Drink With A  Cupcake Liner

This is seriously beyond brilliant, because nothing harshes a good summertime moment than finding an unwelcome guest splashing around in your drink.

Keep unwelcome visitors out of your drink this summer with this brilliant hack!

Get Rid Of Ants With Cornmeal

This summer, I have had these tiny little invaders/marauders who have decided to wreak havoc on my kitchen. I am not loving them and then I found this hack. It’s natural, safe and it works!

Get rid of ants safely with something you already have in your kitchen!

On That Same Note- Forget The Nasty Bug Sprays

The mosquitoes love me I tell you! That was until I found the secret to keep them away. I use lemon essential oil. Specifically, Young Living Lemon Essential Oil, but you can pick up lemon oil at pretty much any health food store and it is super cheap! I seriously hope you try it, you can thank me later.


Use this to keep the mosquitoes away this summer!

Ditch The Big Bag And Use This Instead

I made a tee shirt bag about a month ago and it now hangs in an honored spot in the hallway and has become the go to bag for most of my summer adventuring.

Ditch the big bag this summer and make one of these instead!

Avoid Scorching Your Feet In Your Flips Flops

Since it is summer, I am now the proud owner of about 101 different styled and colored flips flops, but anyone who is a flip flop aficionado knows that those puppies can burn your feet upon re-entry after sitting in the sun for too long. This next hack is so brilliantly simple it’s going to blow your mind…..

Just turn them over with the bottoms facing upwards so that when you are ready to put them back on, they won’t burn your feet!

Keep those summer sandals and flip flops cool with this brilliantly simple hack!

Bathtub Appliques Aren’t Just For The Tub

This one is good, I mean really good. Are you guys currently sporting a backyard kiddie pool, but want to keep little Tommy from slipping? Just affix some handy dandy bathtub appliques and you and little Tommy are good to go! This might not help however if little Timmy jumps in full body to the pool….

Check out this brilliantly simple hack perfect for every kiddie pool!

Treat Sunburns With These

Every single summer, no matter how often I remind people to layer on the sunscreen, someone is going to get burned. Sometimes it is me.  Anyways, a few years ago I came across this sunburn treating gem and have never looked back!

Happy Summering!



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    1. Author

      Me too, they are completely annoying!! The online Orkin man says that once they find a place it is like embedded in their brains forever. The cornmeal is keeping them away though. YAY!
      Jen recently posted…7 Sizzling Summer HacksMy Profile

    1. Author

      Oh what a great mother’s day gift! I use it for perfume too. I can’t get enough of citrus though. Foods, smells, anything that has it is my favorite :) Hopefully you avoid the ants this summer, but if it happens the cornmeal works!
      Jen recently posted…7 Sizzling Summer HacksMy Profile

  1. I have ants everywhere!! I might need to try this cornmeal idea. I Love the lemon oil idea too because I hate mosquitoes, and they tend to love my sister, so she’d appreciate it too. haha I’ve heard about the cupcake liner idea before, but I really need to remember it!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Bunbury Music Festival 2016: Part 1My Profile

  2. You’re probably the third person I’ve seen mention aloe very ice cubes. That’s definitely going on my must-try list. We also recently found that you can stab a foil-topped container (think Danimals, or Chick-fil-a milk jugs) with just about any straw and it’s no longer spill proof. That was a serious ‘aha’ moment.
    Leslie recently posted…30 Kids Birthday Party Songs That Won’t Drive You CrazyMy Profile

    1. Yes the aloe cubes are awesome! My 14 year old went boating yesterday and I pulled some of those bad boys out last night and helped to cool the burn!

      Oh now that straw hack is pure genius!
      Jen recently posted…7 Sizzling Summer HacksMy Profile

    1. I know those suckers can be brutal if left alone too long. Maybe the next brilliant hack would be for me to bring a pool chair to the pool. Now that is a good idea :) Somehow though it’s one I always forget………
      Jen recently posted…Compassion Versus Being An A-HoleMy Profile

    1. Author

      Yes they would work on soda cans! I hadn’t even thought of that. I hate having flies circle my drink. It just grosses me out, so this is pretty much my new favorite summer eating hack! Glad you enjoyed it too :)
      Jen recently posted…The Happy Now Blog Link- Up # 13My Profile

  3. I love all of these. I do use essential oils to ward away bugs, but actually use geranium oil. The cupcake liners are a great idea aka hack. I also have to try the cornmeal ant one.

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  5. I read this one last year, but it’s still great this year! Especially the easy but practical tip about turning over your flip flops. Winning!

    Katy recently posted…Things I Don’t GetMy Profile

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