Memorial Day and 4th of July Printable!

Remember The Brave

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The month of May is always very busy for our family. We are only 16 days away from the end of the school year. Hooray! I have always loved that the end of the school year is marked by the Memorial Day Celebration here in the States and since I was a young girl, my family has spent the early morning hours on that special day cleaning up the graves of our family members. Now that I have children of my own, it is a tradition I have maintained.

As we clean the graves I share the stories of these family members, some I never knew, but of whom I learned about in the same way in which my children now come to know these family stories.

My Grandfather was a World War I and II veteran. He served as a Seabee in the Navy. This meant that he went before the main military force and built all of the other structural elements that would be needed for the other service members to follow. He saw some intense battles all across the globe. My father was unable to serve due to an injury, but his brother served in WW II and was among those to liberate the Concentration Camps in Europe. He spoke very little of the experience, but said that his group was as war hardened a bunch as you would ever meet, but that the horrors of those camps left these men in tears and grateful for every bloody step that they had taken in order to get to those camps and liberate the people within them.

I  know that today my freedom has been paid for through the sacrifice of brave men and women like this who have served and even died to keep those of us in our home countries safe. America is facing a very strange election season to come and I am not enthused by any of the options I have available to me, but I know that it has never been our politicians who have made us as a country great, it has been our people. I believe this will still hold true no matter who is elected and I am grateful for the many examples we have of brave and good individuals to follow.

And I believe in the power of a good that crosses globally and I am grateful for good people everywhere who are working to make the world we inhabit a better place.

So to celebrate the Memorial holiday I have created a new printable that actually could be carried over throughout the summer and even onto the 4th of July holiday.

Memorial Day and 4th of July Printable!

Thanks for stopping in and hugs! Keep doing the good you do. It is so important!



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  1. Love the printable and will so be using it. Also, thank you for sharing about your grandfather as he sounded like a true hero to me. My own grandfather served during WWII in the army and for that I am always truly thankful for the sacrifices he made to protect our country, as well. Hugs and again thank you so much for sharing with us.
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    1. I am glad you like the printable! There is no doubting that our grandparents and relatives who served during WWII were some of the best people ever. What a terrible and courageous fight they took on.

      Hugs back :)
      Jen recently posted…Remember The BraveMy Profile

    1. Some might think it is kind of morbid spending time at the cemetery like this, but they are some of my favorite memories of time spent with both my living and deceased family members. I hope you had a fun trip in NJ full of lots of family love :)
      Jen recently posted…Remember The BraveMy Profile

    1. I figured we might weigh in the same on this issue. This election kind of makes me want to move, but….

      Glad you enjoyed the printable!
      Jen recently posted…Remember The BraveMy Profile

  2. Great post – that’s a fantastic family tradition for Memorial Day. My brother is in the Army and he’s been overseas once, so I always think of him and people like him during these times – often young men and women who truly ARE the ones who do a lot to keep us all safe.

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  3. Hi Jen, what a wonderful thing to do as a family. Not only is it a perfect way of remembering loved ones long gone, but it must help little ones learn understand that people die and it’s natural.

    I have heard and read a little about the American elections and it all sounds a bit of a circus to me. It certainly never has been and never will be the politicians who create great countries, it is the people and the people who give their lives that create great countries.

    I think it is natural that people who have fought in a war to not share too much information. Reliving some of the things they must have seen must be pretty awful.

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    1. Author

      Oh it is a circus. Don’t read too much about the circus it will give you a headache or the shivers. I kind of wish Mike the Farmer from Indiana was running. I could vote and feel pretty good then!

      Agreed. I cannot even imagine ever speaking about what you saw during any war. It would be just too hard to relive. Knowing that makes me especially grateful for these men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep us at home safe.
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  4. Your family tradition is a wonderful way of keeping memories alive. I bet your kids continue it with their children some day as well! Your toddler is so sweet.

    1. Author

      Thanks Laura! It really is such a fulfilling and fun tradition. Thanks for popping in :)

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