The scoop on Kiddle and Facebook emojis!

Tech News: Kiddle, Facebook Updates And More

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In the last week there have been a few newsworthy updates to the world of technology that we thought should be discussed over here on JENerally Informed. I have invited Jen’s Guy to contribute to this discussion, with the caveat that he behaves and does not post any pictures of my bum. He has priors.

So here we go Tech News: Kiddle, Facebook Updates And More!

To start off this discussion, let’s talk about Facebook. You might currently be hiding from Facebook as political season is in full force and it can tend to be a kind of scary place over there, but this last week Facebook introduced “interaction” emojis!

So now rather than just simply liking a post, you can show how you feel about it. A change that could perhaps also be considered a form of online therapy, because now we have the ability to express our feelings and emotions rather than just angry typing a response back to someone in ALL CAPS.

We guess you can decide which one is an adequate description.

Jen: As far as how I feel about this change, I think BuzzFeed has the right idea.

Facebook Interaction Emojis

Facebook backs these changes up though by explaining that they “were based on our research of things people were most frequently reacting to via comment stickers and other things. We wanted to make sure that set felt right and universal,”

Jen’s Guy: I think real news would have been made if Facebook had added a poop emoji, because being able to immediately call “bullcrap” on someone’s post would have taken Facebook to a new level.  Really missed an opportunity there. . .

Poop emoji

Now let’s turn our attention to what used to be the frightening world of online searches.

Jen: Do you remember that time I wrote about yoga pants and and my unfortunate Google search for “Girls in Yoga Pants” included my 11 year old son looking over my shoulder as collateral damage? (Again, don’t do this.)


The world of Google searches needed a little kinder attention. For example, a quick search on the eating habits of cows could turn up some fairly disturbing images. But now that fear is no more.

Welcome Kiddle!


The key features for Kiddle are:

  1. Safe Search- Sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, filtering sites with explicit or deceptive content.
  2. Kid oriented results – Safe sites, hand picked by Kiddle editors.
  3. Big thumbnails – Making it easier to scan the results, differentiate between them, and click the most appropriate results to your query
  4. Large Arial font – Providing better readability for kids.
  5. Privacy – Kiddle doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information, and logs are deleted every 24 hours.

We love, love, love all of these features and think it is about time something like this happened!

Jen’s Guy: I would pay cash money for a service that filtered out all Kardashian stories and references. HMMMmmmm, maybe other people would pay for this as well. Honey, where did you put my “Million Dollar Ideas” notebook?  – Shuffles off….

Jen: And before we go, if you are done with Fuller House and feeling a little lost then we thought it would be important to draw your attention to the fact that coming March 18th the second season of  Daredevil will be coming to Netflix and look, honey, it’s Elektra!

Jen’s Guy: (from the other room) Probably only Gingi knows who Elektra is. . . Do you think people would be OK filtering Ben Affleck too?

Daredevil Season #2 comes to netflix on March 16th!

The scoop on Kiddle and Facebook emojis!

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Stay Happy! Stay Informed!

Jen & Jen’s Guy

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  1. I love the poop emoji idea best. The dislike button seemed ok to me but then I thought of it like a business, and I didn’t like it anymore. What if I posted a photo of my clients or kids and got a thumbs down! Sob!
    I do like the love button, though. That was a long time coming.
    Except now people can no longer say, “Where’s the love button for this status???” People liked saying that.
    And hey, JensGuy! Gingi, for sure, but you might know that we’re the ones who go to every comic convention dressed as six foot trees or Star Wars or Doctor Who or.. or… super heroes.
    Tamara recently posted…Snuggle Up With Spring Cleaning.My Profile

    1. Author

      Haha, I guess you are right. So the picture “look at my cute new hair cut” could get dislikes, that woudl be bad! Or my sweet baby. Eeek! Yep, the poop emoji edition would have made a nice round out.
      Agreed, you guys know the MARVEL world like bosses. Did you watch Jessica Jones? It was dark, but I liked it!
      Jen recently posted…Tech News: Kiddle, Facebook Updates And MoreMy Profile

  2. I think the thumbs down and the poop one would be widely used. Love it.

    I so love that picture of your little on having a really bad Monday. I laughed, but don’t tell her that.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  3. I have yet to teach M how to use the computer search because I am TERRIFIED of what might come up. I am SO excited to finally bring her into the modern days now.

    P.S. They totally should’ve added poop!

  4. Kiddle is long overdue! Looking for a gymnastics leotard for my 4yo was a challenge. Thankfully she wasn’t online shopping with me.

  5. Kiddle sounds like a great idea! I once did an image search to find a picture of those cute little shoes that babies wear. You know? Booties. That didn’t work out the way I intended!!! @@
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…Lucky T-ShirtsMy Profile

  6. I am so pumped about KIDDLE! As a homeschooling mama, we use the internet to research stuff together all the time – the fact that kiddle available now makes this part of schooling much less stressful.

    I don’t mind the Facebook choices – I didn’t want a dislike button – I think it would have been abused. Although the poop on e would have been great! lol

    We have Daredevil on our Netflix list. We have a couple series we need to finish before we start on it but I can’t wait to watch it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…5 Dinners, 5 Ingredients, for Under $5 Each!My Profile

    1. Be prepared Dardevil is kind of dark, but he is such a great hero! I think you will like him a lot :)

      Isn’t the Kiddle launch the best thing ever?!

      I bet you had to do the exact word searches before your girls even hit the internet, so that you knew what they were going to see before they did. So glad this helps all of us now! Whew!
      Jen recently posted…Spruce Up Your Lawn And Backyard This Spring!My Profile

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