Five Things You Need To Do RIGHT Now In Order To Be More Happy

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Happiness seems to be kind of a buzzword nowadays and I am a fan, because in general I am a happy person. It’s not that my life is perfect, it really isn’t. It is just that when given a choice I like happiness with my bowl full of Cheerios thank you very much, because misery really is pretty terrible company. There seems to be a lot of discussion that circles around the whole idea of being happy and how to find and keep that “elusive” happiness. I am no happiness expert, but I do know that there are some definite ways we can sabotage and nix our own happiness. So here are five things you need to do RIGHT Now in order to be more happy.

You can bring more happiness into your life by following these 5 simple suggestions.

1. Drop The Electronic Devices And Opt instead For Real Interactions With Real People.

I am a master texter. In fact that is the way I most commonly communicate with people, but that being said, texting is a poor substitute for actually spending time with people who make you happy. I am all for saving the texts for those people who you would prefer to not have to spend time with, but try not to let it replace actual face time with those people whom you hold most dear. Being with them will make you happy and also give you more texting fodder for the times in between.

2.  Stop Trying To Do It All.

I have dedicated a lot of writing time to this particular malady and yet I can tell you that there are so many of us who still try to do this. You absolutely do NOT have to try to “have OR do it all” in order to be a good person. You already are one. It also is important to tell people the big N.O. when your plate is full and you know that one more responsibility is not something you can handle right now. I am all about the helping here at JENerally Informed so how about we practice saying no together right now. Go ahead and loudly and emphatically tell the computer screen the following words, “No that is not something I am able to do right now.” Repeat if necessary.

See that wasn’t so hard and I know it will become easier to say no to real people now that you have practiced.

3. Stop Caring About What People Think About You.

I remember talking to a therapist friend who once told me that in general most people are thinking about themselves rather than analyzing every little thing you think they are analyzing about you. It was kind of an AHA moment for me, because personally I live pretty deeply in my own head and I know I am not sitting around and analyzing other people all day long. Sure there are those jerks who do that, and so if you haven’t shown those kind of people the door then make sure you do just that as soon as possible. If they are bosses and such who cannot be shown the door until you win the lottery…. your confidence in yourself will do wonders for cutting down on caring what they or anyone else thinks about you when you know that you are doing your best.

4. Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Doughnuts.

I am a bonafide doughnut connoisseur. I wish there were a career path for that, but so far nothing has opened itself up to me as of yet.  There is however something magical that happens when a doughnut meets my mouth at the end of a long and trying day. It is hard to explain….

Anyways, if doughnuts aren’t your thing (I think we can still be friends) then make sure to occasionally treat yourself with what is your thing. Is it a Slurpee, candy bar, piece of pie, sushi or a chocolate bar? Whatever it is I believe that a little reward now and then is a sure fire way to bring more happy into anyone’s life!

Go ahead and try it, just make sure to save a bite for me! Nah just joking. Maybe….

5. Never Forget To Laugh

I remember one night many years ago when all 4 of my children unexpectedly began throwing up within seconds of each other. It was horrible. Terrible. There was throw up everywhere and my husband and I stood motionless in the middle of the carnage for a second just looking at one another. That single look of horror on his face was all it took for me to burst out laughing. It was hilarious. Here was the suave and cool dude I had fallen in love with and married more than a decade before and he was now standing in our living room holding a baby in one arm and a preschooler in the other and he was covered in throw up. There was no one else I would rather be with in a moment like that than him. So I laughed. He laughed and we kept giggling even as we cleaned everyone and everything up.

Sure I believe there is a time to laugh, a time to cry and all of that. It is just that laughter fills your soul in a way that crying never will.

And now for some exciting news!

Because I am a firm believer in the power of happy today I am excited to announce the Happy Now Blog Link-Up that will be hosted right here on JENerally Informed!

Every Tuesday come share, read and enjoy all of the Happy Now!

This link up will open up on Tuesday mornings and it will be THE place to share all the things that are making you “Happy Now!” Is it a favorite recipe that you just shared, a post about babies, fashion, family, fun and more? If it is something that will make people happy? Then this is the place to share it!

Each Tuesday the top read blog post AND my favorite post from the past link-up will get a “Happy Now Shout Out” here on JENerally Informed as well as across all of my social media channels. Fun, right!

Plus your joining in will spread more happiness and in my book, that is winning all around. I hope you will join me next Tuesday March 29th for the first Happy Now Link Up!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!



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  1. Love them all and they are spot on. One of my favorite sayings (there are many) is, your opinion of me is none of my business. That goes both ways too.

    Have a fabulous day my wise friend. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted…The GuillotineMy Profile

    1. Author

      Hallelujah and amen sister :) There are some definite perks to the whole aging process for sure, especially since I am the one with the money buying the doughnuts and I can get them whenever I want without asking for permission. Oh and then telling my kids they cannot have one later in the day when they ask is also great fun.
      Jen recently posted…Five Things You Need To Do RIGHT Now In Order To Be More HappyMy Profile

  2. I’m such a believer that happiness (and love) is a choice. And I love #1. What’s funny is that I sometimes do need to use electronics in order to interact with loved ones who are far away, but I think the bottom line is that connections are wonderful. And dropping electronics for awhile is too.
    #2? I just had a full therapy session about that one..
    #3 is amazing because I spent three days mad that someone pointed out my gray hair over the weekend, and I even booked a color appointment. My first! Today I’m wearing them with pride, but probably because they are getting colored on Thursday…
    #4 – I just pinned about homemade doughnuts. So much yes. I do love them, even though pie, popcorn, ice cream and cookies are more my thing. Des is all about doughnuts, though.
    #5 is insane. Was it food poisoning? I didn’t think viruses were that timely!
    Tamara recently posted…Brown Butter BUTTERFINGER® Cup Eggs Blondies à la mode.My Profile

    1. Author

      I hear you. We have a lot of family all over the place. Pictures on Facebook and texts have to do for the in between times.

      As far as #2 I have to say you are amazing. Maybe you don’t think it, none of us really do think that about ourselves I think…. but you are and I know your plate is full! So I hope that talk and session you had helped, because you being awesomely imperfectly cool really needs to keep happening.

      Um, they pointed out your gray hair?? No way! I say ” No doughnuts for them!” Maybe never :)

      #5 I think it was karma coming back to bite us. Not sure what for. Have four kids they say. It will be fun they say. No one ever tells you about vomit paloozas now do they?
      Jen recently posted…Five Things You Need To Do RIGHT Now In Order To Be More HappyMy Profile

  3. Oh, fun! I’ve actually been working on a post very similar to this topic, and can’t wait to share it at the first link-up. Also, doughnuts are definitely a way to be happy…or cookies…or cake…or chocolate…or ice cream. I could go on, but will stop for now.
    Leslie recently posted…It’s Good to Be QuirkyMy Profile

  4. I just had a realization the other day: you know how as a teenager you’re SO worried about your appearance all the time, but as an adult you realize that other kids were only thinking about THEIR appearance and didn’t even notice yours? Well, as an adult, the appearance of my house is the exact same thing. I bet other people don’t even notice that it’s messy when they come over, even if I want to just sink into the floor out of embarrassment. (In fact, if they do notice it, they probably like it because it makes them feel like they’re not the only ones with a filthy house!)
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…Funny Stock Photos that Have No Clue What Babies Are Actually LikeMy Profile

    1. Author

      And that would be exactly what it is like in the adult version. Seriously. We have multiple humans running amok in our homes, making messes independently of our permission and approval and yet we expect to have our homes be spotless?! Yeah, it sounds crazy even just typing that! Someday it will all be clean and we will miss them. Right?
      Jen recently posted…Five Things You Need To Do RIGHT Now In Order To Be More HappyMy Profile

  5. Almost 2 years ago I moved to an apartment that is a mere 5 minutes away from a spectacular doughnut shop, and I have definitely noticed a spike in my happiness level. :) (There was also a spike in my weight, but that’s beside the point.) My favorite part about all of your suggestions is the underlying assumption that there is something we can all actively do to live happier lives, and that positivity is contagious. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Now that is my idea of a dream location! Thinking of selling anytime soon? :)

      Thank you! I am so glad you liked my suggestions. I am a Latina and of course spent a good portion of my youth and adulthood now as well, singing along to Ritchie Valens songs. The whole I am the “Captain of my boat” lyrics from La Bamba has always really stuck with me. I can do that kind of mentality for happy, just don’t ask me to really steer a boat; that would be a bad idea!
      Jen recently posted…How Texting Brought My Teenage Daughter And I CloserMy Profile

  6. Hi Jen, I promised myself no more linkies, but I’d be more than happy to take part in yours! I too like to think of myself as quite a happy person, I think life is too short not to be. Being happy is a choice we make, so I never understand when I meet people who so obviously choose not to be happy.

    At the moment I am happy, as I bought four hazelnut creme filled doughnuts this morning and when I have finished blogging, I will be enjoying one with a cup of tea (how English does that make me?).

    Look forward to your linky.

    Debbie recently posted…Clean Monday At Spiliotissa Monastery, ZakynthosMy Profile

    1. Author

      I know you are one busy linky lady, but I would love it if you joined me!

      I also wonder why people choose to be grumpy, mad and unhappy when the opposing side of happiness really does make you feel so much better.

      Oh how I wish those doughnuts were something we could sit and share! Yum :)
      Jen recently posted…How Texting Brought My Teenage Daughter And I CloserMy Profile

  7. This is lovely Jen!

    I work on a few of these. I mean doughnuts! lol My biggest struggle is letting go of what people think of me. I’ve struggled with that one because I’ve encountered heavy amounts of rejection in my life. That rejection ingrained in me that I’m unlikeable and that I have to do everything I can to make people like me. Naturally, I’ve matured and have seen how adolescent that thinking was but I still struggle sometimes (especially when it means saying no… because somewhere in the back of my mind, my no will equal rejection from a loved one).

    Fabulous post – and congrats on your link up!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Why I Think Being an Overprotective Parent Isn’t a Bad ThingMy Profile

    1. Author

      That is a tough one! The whole rejection to love ratio that we have to work out in our own mind. I just told someone no and even though it was the right decision for our family it was so hard. I still feel bad about saying no, even though I am so much happier not doing it! Ugh! I guess that is called a work in progress right?

      Thanks my friend for joining in and for sharing and tweeting about the link up. You are the best!
      Jen recently posted…The Happy Now Blog Link- Up # 1My Profile

  8. YES! To all of them :) I am on a quest simplify my life this year, not necessarily by doing/having less but by doing things differently. As I work through this, these five points are things I keep coming back to. #3 is probably the one I struggle with most, but I’m working on it!
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted…On being busy, tired and grumpyMy Profile

    1. Author

      Oh yes, number 3… the one that can do us all in if we let it, right? I agree sometimes as mothers, women and the multiple roles we have it just isn’t possible to stop doing everything we do, but you are spot on, we absolutely can zero in on the most important and perhaps even change up how we do those things!

      Thanks so much for adding your sweet perspective to this conversation Hugs!
      Jen recently posted…The Happy Now Blog Link- Up # 1My Profile

  9. I love your new link up! What a great kick off! I too need to stop trying to do it all :) Each day I just keep trying to get by in one piece!

  10. So many of these are things I’ve been trying to work on. I have a little chalk board on my kitchen counter because there’s just something about writing something down, and seeing it that turns it from just a thought in your head to something real and tangible and doable. I’ve been writing down each day something to do to deliberately choose happiness. Right now it says, ” Put down your phone, Shelby.” Because some days, its easy to be happy. And some days, it means putting down your phone and searching for it. It’s a choice. Thank you so much for this! .

    1. I love the idea of your kitchen chalkboard. I really need something like that, because you are right seeing something is much more tangible and doable than just thinking, ” I should put my phone down.”
      Jen recently posted…The Happy Now Blog Link- Up # 1My Profile

  11. All of these are great Jen! I absolutely love them!! I got a big giggle when I read, “I live pretty deeply in my own head,” because I know all too well what that is like. It is a blessing and a curse at times! I must also admit that I’m famous for texting before calling everyone in my life but have made it a point to force myself to make phone calls more often and it it’s really nice to hear the voice on the other end when I do it! ;-)

    Wishing you a fantabulous evening!!

    Much love,
    Lysa xoxo
    Lysa recently posted…Perfectly Imperfect… Being Authentically MeMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Lysa! Us deep head thinkers need to stick together. I care about other people a lot, I just don’t feel the need to analyze their lives and what they are doing.

      Thanks for stopping in!
      Jen recently posted…The “Gassy” TruthMy Profile

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