Long Live The Snow Queen!

Long Live The Snow Queen, Doughnut Runs And Other Stories

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I cover a lot over here on JENerally Informed, but most of what is happening in my day to day family life gets carried over to my social media accounts. Some of you may already follow me on some of those, but I would love to share with you a little bit of what has been going on.

This last week my oldest daughter Samantha was the Snow Queen in her school play. Not the happy, sunny Disney princess, but the malevolent, campy Hans Christian Anderson version.  Her performance went off flawlessly, well all except my having to rush sew her a dress the day before the show began, because the $300 dress they ordered for her from Europe months earlier never arrived! I think the homemade dress actually turned out rather nice. Whew!

Watching her onstage was seriously one of those proud mom moments for me. She had worked so hard and totally NAILED IT! I took to social media this week to share some of her Snow Queen moments.

On opening night, I shared on both Instagram and Facebook her amazing hair and makeup that my friend did for her.

Long Live The Snow Queen!

After the show it was fun to watch the younger grade school girls coyly and with trepidation approach Samantha to talk to her or take a picture with her.  “She is so shiny and dazzling, but is also so, so evil!”

Jen’s Guy- “Sounds like the girls I dated in high school. . .”

Jen- “Sigh.”

On the final night of the show to celebrate we made a late night run to our local doughnut shop. Yes, I have passed my “doughnut-a-holic” ways onto my children.

Tales of a doughnut-a-holic!

It takes about 30 minutes to undo her hair and get her out of her costume and so she opted to quickly run into the doughnut shop in full makeup and costume. Of course she had to pose for pictures with everyone in the store (they only saw the dazzling and shiny Snow Queen and none of the evil) I shared the pics on Facebook.

Long Live The Snow Queen!

Here are a few close up pics of her amazing hair and makeup! Long Live The Snow Queen!

Amazing Snow Queen Hair And Make-up!

Long Live The Snow Queen!

And one of the dress, because dang I am proud of that sewing job!

Long Live The Snow Queen!

In other news, besides last week’s cold snap (highs of mid 5o’s), it has been rather warm her in Southern Arizona. I took to Facebook to gloat, just a little…

How Southern Arizonans Enjoy The Winter!

This particular child is a regular comedian and her funny quips, pictures and stories are regular Facebook fodder. Like what happened this weekend.

Kids say the darndest things!And if you can’t find me on Facebook or Instagram, I can be found pinning and tweeting something good!

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