Introducing Jenerally Informed 3.0!!!

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to JENerally informed Version 3.0! After many hours of study and implementation, we are pleased to welcome you to the future of “Staying Happy, Staying Informed.”

Jen- Wait, did you just use a dropcap?

Jen’s Guy- Yep.

Jen- Seems kind of pretentious, no?

Jen’s Guy- No pretentious was the parallax fireworks bar and the sound effects player BEFORE the drop cap.

Jen- What is parallax?

Jen’s Guy- This:

Jen- Wow!

Jen’s Guy- I know. Cool, huh?

Jen- No, wow, that really is pretentious. Also, why are we speaking in columns?

Jen’s Guy- Because we can.

Jen- OK, you just need to stop. . .

Jen’s Guy- I worked really hard on this, I should be able to show off a little.

For instance, here is a brief rundown of the progress we have made on the site and the work involved:

Total Site Completion
Dr. Pepper Consumed
Stuff I still haven't showed Jen how to do
Man Card Punched

Jen- I can just put in pictures and stuff without any hassle, though right?

Jen’s Guy- You didn’t say anything about pictures. . .

Jen- [icon type=”meh-o”] Hey, don’t Emoji me.

Jen’s Guy- Sorry!

Jen- In conclusion, the new site is super cool AND reponsive on all platforms, which is what we were mostly wanting. We will be back to regular programming and look forward to bringing you more of the JENerally Informed content that we like to write. If you have any criticisms or problems with the new site, please let us know about it in the comments and I’ll make Jen’s Guy fix it. Thank you for all of your support and patience with the downtime.

Jenerally Informed

Stay Happy,
Stay Informed!

Click Me!

Jen- I totally added that card. That was awesome!

Jen’s Guy- Settle down now. . .

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  1. Looking good and I played your applause soundtrack a couple of times.

    Your hubby did an outstanding job. I think he needs another Dr. Pepper though.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Awww MondaysMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thank you!Isn’t that a riot? When he first put it up it scared it was kind of late and the children were asleep and it scared me to death! Even playing quietly. The next morning we cranked that thing up to full blast!
      Jen recently posted…Introducing Jenerally Informed 3.0!!!My Profile

    1. Author

      I think his Dr Pepper costs are pretty steep… He might just be made of it after how much he drank during the re-vamp process. Thank you! Who knew that young guy I married almost 2 decades ago would be such a tech guru?
      Jen recently posted…Introducing Jenerally Informed 3.0!!!My Profile

  2. oh, fun! I want to speak in columns and consume Dr. Pepper!
    I’m like.. six days behind in blog commenting, but I missed visiting. And now it’s all different! Good different, though.

  3. Hi Jen, things are looking good over here and if I had the skills I’d show them off too! Loving the parallax, thought I was cracking up.

    You are so lucky to have an other half that can help you on your blog set up. People say that about my husband, but that’s only when it comes to DIY, put a computer in front of him and he’s useless (can’t have it all ways).

    I love your card too, have just wasted about ten minutes running the cursor over it (and I wonder where time goes!).

    Debbie recently posted…It’s Winter In Zakynthos!My Profile

    1. Author

      Thank you! That parallax!I didn’t even know such a thing existed and now he wants me to use it in every post. Hopefully those ten minutes was time well spent vegging out :)

      A DIY husband is very important. Mine has yet to get me that solar heating system…… But I do have a fancy new site! Always a payoff I think.
      Jen recently posted…The Key To A Perfect Key Lime PieMy Profile

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