Finding Something To Be Grateful For

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This week is proving to be very deeply and personally difficult for me. I am in the middle of helping to make some rather important decisions that will impact other people’s lives. People for whom I am responsible and care deeply for. And because of this, it feels like my fears, insecurities and self doubt are winning the war against my usual optimism and confidence.

I don’t like feeling this way. So when I do it is time for me to press the reset button.

For me, my reset button is gratitude.

Gratitude, a powerful rest button for when times are tough.

I remember talking with a friend once who had just lost her 8 year old child to cancer. She shared with me that although she missed her son every second of every day, that she had such immense gratitude for the strength and knowledge she had garnered from his short life.

I asked her to please elaborate; and I will never forget what she said. “When you choose not to focus on the unimportant and inconsequential aspects of life or how bad you have it, but instead choose EVERY day to be grateful for what you already have right at that moment, you can’t help but change your heart and your mind.”

Gratitude, a powerful rest button for when times are tough.

Just as my friend had discovered for herself, the struggle ends when gratitude begins.

So yes, I will be grateful for the challenges I am facing at this time. Because the most beautiful of souls are not those who have never suffered in their life, but those who did, and grew stronger because of it.

I will be grateful for this day.

I want to be the kind of person who does indeed seize upon each day with a grateful heart, so I  will continue to choose to find strength from and be grateful for all that I have. Challenges notwithstanding, because I know that someday I will look back and be amazed at how far I have come.

The only time you should look back is to see how far you have come.

Thank you to all my wonderful readers and friends over here at JENerally Informed. I am deeply grateful for all of the good you bring to my life! I would love to hear how you practice gratitude.

P.S. The printable below was a late night creation I made as my mind and heart were too full to fall asleep one night this week. Please feel free to print it up and use it in your own homes. That would make me both happy and grateful!


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a tough week, Jen. What wise advice your friend shared with you. I can’t imagine being able to say that after losing my child to cancer. She is truly inspiring. “I want to be the kind of person who does indeed seize upon each day with a grateful heart.” I so agree with you. This is a goal we should all aspire to. Praying for you!
    Candace recently posted…Creative Bible Journaling: PaintMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Janine! You are right, perfect is kind of overrated. When have things ever been exactly perfect? Not very often around here at least, but it’s the imperfections of the moment or of the people experiencing things that serves to make them more memorable and heartfelt.

      I am so glad you liked the printable!
      Jen recently posted…Finding Something To Be Grateful ForMy Profile

  2. This is a beautiful post. I often get mad at myself because I should live every moment, every day filled with gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly thankful for my life, decent health, family, friends and material goods…but I get caught up in the busy-ness of life and forget the clarity that my cancer once gave us. I’m happy for that, because those daunting weeks and months are clearly intensely difficult. I need to motivate myself to meditate every day as a way to settle, be grateful and move on with the day. Thanks for the reminder.
    Caryn recently posted…Immunity Boosting Onion Soup RecipeMy Profile

    1. Author

      I hear you, it is so very easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. You are not alone, I do it too. I think most of us do. There truly is a clarity that is afforded to us during the times “that try men’s souls” and then somehow we emerge on the other side stronger and wiser. Like you did after facing cancer. I like your suggestion for meditation, because thinking back on those times of struggle we each have and the lessons learned will definitely help us to get through what our days have in store for us.
      Jen recently posted…Finding Something To Be Grateful ForMy Profile

  3. Each day is a gift and I cherish each day as such. Some folks just get caught up in things that aren’t all that important. I don’t see that in you. You are so centered and most of all so kind. It shows.

    Have a blessed day. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thank you Rabia! I will take all the hugs I can get this week! I think you are right. God gives us what we can handle, even though we don’t think so, in order to help us grow and become who he wants us to be.
      Jen recently posted…Finding Something To Be Grateful ForMy Profile

  4. So sorry about your tough week(s). I wish you a lot of clarity and peace. I don’t like tough decisions AT ALL.
    I really love this outlook – about being grateful EVERY day. I bet it’s such a powerful brain reset button. And it will become like second nature.
    Tamara recently posted…That Time My Mom Knew I Had The Flu.My Profile

    1. Author

      Thank you Tamara! It is nice to have good friends and a great family to lean on for support at times like this. I am blessed to have both. You get it, that is why I refer to gratitude as my reset button. It really works as a kick start to your brain to change up the negativity and instead to bring in the good.
      Jen recently posted…Finding Something To Be Grateful ForMy Profile

  5. I love the printable – so cute. I like the quotes you included in this post too. They are so true. I’m sorry you are having to make some difficult decisions right now, but you’re right, focusing on gratitude is a great way to regain focus and keep too much stress for overcoming your life.
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay KristoffMy Profile

  6. Oh Jen, I love this.

    I’m so sorry things have been rough lately for you.

    It’s funny you mentioned this because I seek gratefulness when I’m struggling – it completely changes my mood and attitude. I may journal a list of thinks I’m grateful for or I may write a thank you note to someone I love. It’s an awesome way to shift perspective.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…If My Kids Worked They Would Never Get Away With This!My Profile

  7. A few years ago there was a talk called “Grateful in any Circumstance” given by a leader of my church that completely changed the way I thought about gratitude. Being grateful for things suggests that we should be more grateful in good times than we are in bad times, but we should instead focus on having a grateful attitude by looking beyond your challenges with faith that God will work things out in the end. Every now and then I have to go read the talk again because I forget. In fact, I should probably read it a lot more than I do! Thanks for the thoughts on gratitude.
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…7 Quick Takes about Not-So-Educational Song Lyrics, The Origin of the Hamburger, and How Not to Bargain for Animal CrackersMy Profile

    1. Author

      I remember that talk! I need to go find it and read it again myself! You are right, having gratitude in the good (especially). in the bad and the times in between is so important. It builds us and and our faith in ways we never would have imagined.
      Jen recently posted…The Beginners Guide To All Things TurkeyMy Profile

  8. Hi Jen, I love your attitude and hope things get easier for you soon. I have the utmost admiration for people like your friend, who manage to focus on the positive when going through something so tragic. Acknowledging the good in ours lives helps keep our focus positive, and whilst it is only natural to feel down every now and again, it takes inner strength and resilience to focus on the good and pull ourselves back up again.

    Take care and big hugs.

    Debbie recently posted…The Waiting Is Over…My Profile

  9. Author

    You are so right, it really does take inner strength to focus on the good. I know that sometimes the “Pollyanna” attitude can be mocked, but those who have it, nurture it and practice it are so much stronger than those who chose to be ungrateful.

    Hugs back!
    Jen recently posted…The Beginners Guide To All Things TurkeyMy Profile

  10. I so needed this today! Thank you for putting up the life reset button for some of us to remember to push! #happynowlinkup love =)

  11. I am sorry you are having a tough week. None of us are exempt from trials in this life. I guess it is just a part of the journey. I admire your attitude. I can look back at some of my darkest days in life and actually find peace and smile knowing that I was able to push through. There may always be a scar that represents your hard time but it also represents your healing, strength and will to overcome. This too shall pass, right? I hope you have a better week. Thank you for sharing! #happynowlinkup
    Jessica recently posted…Is This For Real or Are We Just Gods’ Toys?My Profile

  12. I loved reading your post – gratitude never goes out of style. I know that no matter how dark things seem, there is always going to be sunshine at the end. Sending you good vibes and a little sunshine. :-)

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