Drink More Water This Summer With A PUR Water Filter

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I know I have mentioned before the scorching hot temps we get here in Southern Arizona and yesterday was no exception. It was going to be so hot that an “excessive heat” warning was issued.



During heat like this, it is critical to stay hydrated. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Before we moved to Arizona we lived in Montana. One of our favorite things about Montana was the crystal clear drinking water that came straight out of the tap. When we moved to Arizona it was a completely different story. The tap water here is piped in from all over the western states and is kind of murky and hard.  Needless to say we have not really enjoyed drinking our local tap water  So I was super excited to receive notice from Influenster that they had included me in the PUR Voxbox to receive a PUR faucet mount filter in order to test and review!

The PUR faucet mount filter was super easy to install and took a total of 5 minutes to hook up. My kids who heretofore have avoided tap water like it was the plague, were all waiting anxiously with their cups in hand to take their first sip of our new filtered water.

It did not disappoint! Our water now tastes amazing and I can tell a difference in how I feel now that I am drinking much more water than I had been previously. This is because the PUR filter removes 99% of Lead and 96 % of Mercury, reduces chlorine, and filters the water over natural minerals for a great taste. Plus it is super sleek looking with a stainless steel style!

Thank you Influenster and PUR! This is definitely a product we will make sure to always have in our home from now on! To learn more about PUR water filters, you can visit their website. If you would like to learn how you can become a part of Influenster, let me know and I will make sure to send you a linked invite.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering I received this PUR water filter for free in order to review, but all opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. It gets hot here too, but nothing like the heat you get in Arizona. I’m glad you now have great tasting water. I know about that wonderful water up north. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺
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  2. What a great box from Influenster! So handy having the purified water right there at the faucet.

    Arizona is a dry hot right? Not crazy humid? I wonder what that feels like. Okay I know I sound crazy but here it is just such a sticky wet, crazy hot… I don’t think I have ever experienced anything different.

    1. Author

      I do the same thing! Doesn’t it always seem though like the bottled water gets taken out of the fridge faster than you can blink and then no one wants to drink the hot bottles out in the fridge and then they have to wait for them to cool….. Can you tell I am happy about our new purification system?
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  3. Hi Jen, I thought it got hot over here, but it’s not often we hit 45C (probably only a couple of times in all the years I’ve lived here). At the moment we are having unseasonally low temperatures and we are making the most of it as it won’t be long until the nights are as hot as the days.

    Staying hydrated is important for everyone,but even more so when we live in hot countries. We can’t drink the tap water here either; we have to buy our drinking water, so something like a PUR water filter would be wonderful. And if it encourages little ones to drink more water, then even better.

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    1. Haha! I remember when I lived in Spain for a while the water was terrible! I had to buy bottled water too, but I always had to make sure to clarify I wanted just regular water and not the bubbly kind. The bubbly kind just didn’t really take care of the whole hydration bit for me :)

      I think a PUR would work nicely for you and truthfully we have been drinking more water, making less trash and saving money, all winning points for me!
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