Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The Pee

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As parents, each new milestone our children reach brings us equal parts excitement mixed with a tinge of fear.

“Hooray, the baby is rolling over! Wait, how did she get her leg stuck under the couch?”

“Yay,  look he is sitting up, but all of the sudden that sitting baby will keel over and hit his head on a chair! How did that happen?”

All of these experiences are the making of us as parents. We learn to put pillows around the edge of the couch so that little rollers don’t go under it and we put extra safety measures in place for our sitters. I know that each new milestone each of my babies reached, felt like something worthy of a celebration or at least an air fist bump moment.

Personally, there was one milestone though that I felt completely unprepared for ……

Luckily, I was able to talk myself out of my fear, because I knew that people had successfully been potty training children for many years before me and with the help of my favorite brand of diapers, Pampers, now transitioned to Easy Ups, I knew I could do this! And I did, 3 separate times! Now I am getting ready to potty train my fourth and last child.

To kick off this whole potty training experience, Pampers invited me to host a party for some of my Mom besties and we shared tips and tricks for getting the potty training show on the road!

Here are some great potty training tips that the Moms at my party suggested:

  • Watch the cues your child gives you and start when THEY are ready.
  • Don’t make your child feel bad about the process, accidents happen. Use those accidents to teach your child.
  • Don’t forget that potty training is a great way to teach your child how their body works and to understand it.
  • Make the potty a comfortable place. Bring books into the bathroom or set your child up on the potty and let them watch their favorite cartoon. It’s all about making the process of going to the bathroom comfortable!
  • Make sure your child has on clothes that is easy for them to get on and off by themselves.
  • Be prepared, make sure to take extra clothing items and Easy Ups with you when you leave the house with a potty training child. This ensures that when an accident does happen, it can be quickly and easily taken care of.

Make it fun!

  • Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the potty water and show your child what happens when you add yellow. The water will turn green! Encourage your child to turn the water green every time they go to the bathroom.
  • For boys, you can do target practice with O shaped cereal added to the water.
  • Use a reward system where you and your child can monitor and track their success. Sticker charts and small prizes are a great incentive.

Remember if nothing you are trying is working, then your child is telling you they are not ready yet. In this case, the best thing to do is to back off and wait until they are physically and emotionally prepared to move forward again.

What smart moms! I was so excited that each of my party guests received their own Pampers Easy Ups goodie bags! Thank you Pampers!

Plus a copy of the book “It’s You and Me Against the Pee” by  Laura Jana, MD!

Dr. Jana also has some great tips:

  • Promote potty learning. Instead of referring to your child’s transition from wearing diapers to using the potty as “potty training,” consider calling it “potty learning.”
  • Take a teamwork approach. From the outset, I find it helps to keep in mind that potty training is a team sport. If you simply remind yourself that you are (and always will be) on the same team as your child, it can really help you stay calm in the face of potty accidents and be a much more positive and effective potty training coach.
  • Stock your deck. Part of the secret to your child’s potty success will involve being well equipped and removing any obstacles that stand between your child and potty success. 
  • Start making connections. There’s a lot that you can do to help your child be well-prepared to use the potty successfully long before he actually starts to. Reading fun and engaging children’s books about potty training, such as You and Me Against the Pee! (which I co-authored) can go a long way towards making the idea of potty training a family and eagerly anticipated one. You can take this familiarity a step further by letting your toddler accompany you in to the bathroom when you need to go so that he both becomes familiar with the routine and comfortable with the idea of using the toilet, rather than being afraid of or intimidated by it!

Potty training is an exciting and eagerly anticipated milestone for toddlers and their parents. If your child is showing signs of readiness, spring and summer is a great time to kick off potty training especially if your child is heading to preschool in the fall. Even when the timing is right for child and parents, potty training can still be stressful. Parents want potty training to be a positive journey for their toddlers, but leaks, accidents and switching from training pants to diapers overnight can feel like setbacks.

Training pants such as Pampers Easy Ups can help the diaper-to-underwear transition by allowing potty-training toddlers to set aside their diapers and wear something with more of an underwear-like design that still helps keep accidental messes off clothing, bedding and other surfaces no matter whether they happen at home, on-the-go or overnight.

Pampers Easy Ups have fewer leaks than the other leading training pant to help simplify and improve the overall potty training experience.  Pampers Easy Ups have an absorbent core that holds 25% more than the other leading training pant to help ensure little ones remain dry.  Plus, with up to 12 hours of protection, it works during the day AND night, enabling toddlers and moms to confidently and completely transition from diapers towards underwear. Winning!

 Here’s Why I love Easy Ups from Pampers:

  • An absorbent core that holds 25% more than the other leading training pant (Huggies® Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®) and ensures little ones remain dry
  • Pampers Easy Ups® have fewer leaks than the other leading training pant (Huggies® Pull-Ups® Learning Designs®)
  • Fun Thomas & Friends® designs for boys and Dora the Explorer® designs for girls
  • A more underwear-like design for growing toddlers
  • Graphics that fade when wet to help little ones learn
  • Super-stretchy sides to make them easy to pull up and down when using the potty
  • Available for Boys and Girls sizes 2T/3T through 4T/5T

See, potty training isn’t so bad after all!

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    1. Author

      My third child was tough too and we were having accidents well beyond the age I felt like we should. That being said, I did several things with her. First, I instituted a reward system for her going potty. Every accident or success she had helped her reach her reward goal. Her reward goal was a doll she had wanted for a long time. It was a sleepy time Dora doll :) I had a chart and we kept it up to date with her accomplishments and took off stickers when there was an accident.

      I also made accidents a little uncomfortable. I made her clean them up and wash her underwear by herself. I also got her a digital alarm clock wristwatch that went off every hour and she wore it all day long. When it went off it was time to go potty. No ifs ands or buts…
      Jen recently posted…Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The PeeMy Profile

  1. All our little ones are far beyond potty training. I so remember the process though. It’s most annoying, but I did it with a smile.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…The BullMy Profile

  2. Hi Jen, Pampers Easy-Ups were a Godsend when my daughter was little (they weren’t around when my son was coming out of nappies) as she was an independent little soul and they allowed her freedom to wear ‘pants’ without having to worry about accidents.

    The target practise for boys is an excellent idea. I drew a face (in permanent marker) in the bottom of Greg’s potty, to encourage him to use it. Still trying to train both the males in this house!

    Debbie recently posted…Dog Grooming For Summer…My Profile

    1. That is a brilliant idea! I love the whole idea of using a permanent marker. Thanks for sharing!

      Easy Ups really are a Godsend for potty training parents. I like them for exactly the same reason you do. It makes accidents so much easier to take care of.
      Jen recently posted…Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The PeeMy Profile

  3. *sigh* Potty training is probably one of my least favorite parts of parenthood. As a result, I tend to be pretty laid back about getting started; which irritates my parents. (long story) Love the idea of a party to kick it off, though and your friends have some great ideas!
    Leslie recently posted…In MemoryMy Profile

  4. The food coloring trick sounds awesome! I never heard of that. And Des will love Thomas pull-ups, the way Scarlet loved her princess ones.
    Scarlet was potty-trained at age 2 and Des is nearly three and I’ve done.. nothing. Shame on me! He honestly hasn’t seemed ready. He starts to cry if I push him too hard so we can’t have that!
    I’ll be using this wisdom.
    Tamara recently posted…Your Kiss is On My List.My Profile

    1. My oldest daughter hears that all of the time, luckily she takes it as a compliment! Although, she has way better hair. It’s just wavy not a BIG,old fro like mine!

      We have begun the potty training for Anneliese! She is really interested in the potty and tells me every time she pees or poops in her diaper and wants to get changed immediately. I am in no hurry and we will take our time, so we shall see how it goes!
      Jen recently posted…Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The PeeMy Profile

  5. That book looks hilarious and I am sure it is surprisingly helpful too!

    I gotta be honest. I am glad that my potty training days are behind me. That is HARD work. But when they are ready, it makes it SO much easier. Wish I would have embraced that attitude more with my first.

    1. I always laugh and jokingly say that my first daughter was my guinea pig. I was so much more intense with her than I am with her other siblings. Luckily, she turned out to be a good kid and happily, I am a way more mellow parent heading into her teen years :)
      Jen recently posted…Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The PeeMy Profile

  6. I love the food coloring idea, Jen! I’m so thankful those days are over for me. I got so frustrated when potty training my son that my hubby sent me and my daughter out of town for a week and he trained him. It was truly a dream come true :). He should write a book on how he managed to do that in a week. It was miraculous!
    That book title you refer to here is hilarious and so appropriate! I’ll have to remember it for future grandkids.
    Candace recently posted…Turning to Food: May UpdateMy Profile

    1. Author

      Oh my goodness you went out of town and came back to a potty trained kiddo! Yes, sign me up for that! Your husband is the best! Although, Jen’s Guy had a pretty great potty song he sat on the floor and sang to our kids as they were in the bathroom. I think I will catch it on video this time around. It is really cute!
      Jen recently posted…Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The PeeMy Profile

  7. Okay, so I’m kind of disappointed now that I didn’t think to add food coloring to the water… Great tips!

    Our little one refused pull ups and went straight to panties (weird, right?) but did great. I will say that I added a couple of those inexpensive potty seats to our house to make sure she could be reminded to go. No one wants a kid to pee in the living room, but it served its purpose to remind her to listen to her body.

    It looks like everyone had such a great time!
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Get More Sleep Part 2My Profile

    1. Weird, that is freaking awesome!! Oh how I wish one of mine would have done that.We have had our fair share of living room pee episodes, one just yesterday….

      The potty rings are brilliant, one of my friends swears by the “Squatty potty” as a way to help balance toddlers as they climb up on the potty and she says it also helps so their legs don’t dangle there.
      Jen recently posted…Potty Training: It’s You And Me Against The PeeMy Profile

  8. I wish I was blogging back when my son was born because I would have been so much more informed. We had no idea what we were doing, but somehow (hopefully) he turned out ok. I love the ideas you have including food coloring and target practice in the toilet. Happy Friday.
    Caryn recently posted…Easy Recipe: Ancient Grain – Farro SaladMy Profile

    1. Author

      That is one of the reasons I love blogging, there is so much to learn! I felt like with my first child it was so much trial and error, but I don’t know if there is any other way the first time we do something, no?
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #37: Real Life, Reel TimeMy Profile

  9. My daughter was the hardest. She was my first and I really had no idea what I was doing. I was waiting for cues from her, but she was completely happy in diapers. She wasn’t trained fully until the week after her 4th birthday!!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…Anatomy of a {Failed} NapMy Profile

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