Mommy Reality #33: Bedside Table Treasure Hunt

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Welcome to another edition of Mommy Reality!


Hosted by Jen from JENerally Informed and Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss!!!

If this is your first time hearing about the Mommy Reality Challenge we are so glad you are joining this great community of moms who participate in our bi-weekly challenges that showcase all the fun, crazy, and sometimes overwhelming moments that are in every mom’s life!

Please don’t just read. This is an INTERACTIVE post! Come join in all the fun!

The Rules are Simple!

        1. We will announce the theme.
        2. You will write a post or take a pic, post it to the social media account of your choice with the hashtag #mommyreality and then link it up to this blog post!
        3. Then in two weeks, we will announce our favorites and award a meme to the winner. The winner can then co-host the next challenge with us!

Just a little background on how our challenges are selected- Jen and Celeste take turns writing the post and creating the winning meme from the last challenge.

This week it’s Jen’s turn! It might get a little crazy, so hold onto your capes!


For the last challenge, Celeste asked us to share what was broken around our homes. We saw your broken cabinets, faucets, dressers, sprinklers and more! It was like a broken-palooza!

The winner of Mommy Reality Challenge 32: Broken is…

Deb from Deb’s Random Writings for the picture and post she submitted of her broken wall!

Our runner up is Lauren from Motherhood and Beyond for the picture and post of the deflating tire she is locked in an epic battle with!

Thank you to all of the participants of this challenge (we had some really great ones and some new contributors as well!) and special thanks to our fabulous co-host April from Stories of Our Boys!

You can check out all of the other Mommy Reality memes on on our tumblr page.

Now It’s time for a NEW Mommy Reality Challenge and Co-host!

Meet the Mommy Reality Team!

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Jen from JENerally Informed:

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Leapfrog and  Lipgloss

Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss:

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Welcome to our Co-Host!

Jennifer The Deliberate Mom!

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Jennifer is no newbie to participating in Mommy Reality challenges and we are so excited to have her co-hosting with us again! Jennifer was the winner of The Room With a View Challenge.

Remember this….

Jennifer is a bonafide rock-star of the blogging world! She is a Huffington Post published author who writes about parenting, homeschooling, her faith, and her personal life experiences.  If you haven’t checked out her blog before now, make sure you do!

Now it’s time for a NEW Challenge!

Mommy Reality Topic Logo

Mommy Reality 33’s theme is…. Bedside Table Treasure Hunt!

We aren’t talking about just any old treasure hunt. To explain a little more, we have invited a special guest today to show you where you will go searching for Mommy Reality treasure!

Give a BIG Mommy Reality welcome to Side Table from Blue’s Clues!

For this Mommy Reality Challenge we want to see the treasures that can be found in your bedside tables! Treasures like the ones that can be found in Jen’s bedside table.

Please check the box if any of the following items can be found in your bedside table:

  • Parenting book
  • Some paperback you have no idea what it is even about.
  • Broken lamp that hasn’t worked in over a year.
  • Cellphone and home phone.

Now onto more treasures…

Perhaps you might also be holding onto a bag of your children’s lost teeth in your bedside table like Jen?

Now It’s your turn to share!

Seriously, Blow us away!!!

You have 2 weeks to complete this challenge!

But DON”T Take 2 weeks, because we are on pins and needles here!

You can share the pic in a post or on your favorite social media outlet.

Don’t forget to grab our super-nifty button!

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✔ *By submitting your pic, you are giving the Mommy Reality Team permission to use your photo to create a special silly meme for you if you win! :). If you win and you’re a blogger, you also have the opportunity to be our co-host!

✔ **The Mommy Reality team and our special co-host are VERY diligent in pinning, posting, and sharing the link-up participation every week, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels so you won’t miss out!

We encourage you to visit a couple other Mommy Reality participants in the link-up and leave meaningful comments! The best part of this link-up is that we’re a community of real moms with a sense of humor about ourselves!


  1. My mind went in places it shouldn’t on this challenge. I remembered something I found on daddy’s night stand when I was little and I got into be trouble. What a memory.

    Have a fabulous day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Feline FridayMy Profile

  2. Bahaha! I just love these posts they are so much fun. I seriously almost lost it too. I also have a bag of teeth in my bedside table. Kindred spirits we are.

    Have a great weekend!
    Beth recently posted…Friday Highlights 4.3.15My Profile

  3. I don’t have a beside table! I really wish I had sometimes though because I like to read at night, and it would be really handy for my books/glasses so I didn’t have to get up all the time. I’d probably also have a notebook and pen because I always think of things to do/get ideas when I’m trying to sleep.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…When You Leave by Monica Ropal + Make it a GiftMy Profile

  4. Oh my goodness, I am cracking up here! I have a book I don’t read (2, actually!), a lamp with a broken shade (but it does still work!), 1 phone, 1 iPad, 3 framed pictures, a large bottle of lotion, a huge necklace, AND Grumpy Cat (a REAL Grumpy Cat!! Yes, my bedside table is where she perches, squeezed in between all that other stuff!)! Funny how you stop “seeing” all that stuff! And thanks for the Blues Clues memories — didn’t realize how much I missed that guy! :)
    Wendy recently posted…16 Things I Want to Tell My Daughter TodayMy Profile

    1. Author

      A real life perching Grumpy Cat? That is fabulous! She probably likes the comfy, little squishy area. The only reason I didn’t have my lotion on the table was because my daughter had taken it, but I think you and I feel pretty strongly about making sure our kiddos lotion up!

      Long live Blues Clues!!!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #33: Bedside Table Treasure HuntMy Profile

    1. Author

      Joe just never quite did it for me either! I watched a biography channel show on Steve (can’t remember his real name) but did you know that he was a world class skateboarder? Someone who developed the show knew of him and wanted him to be Steve. He retired from the show once he started losing his hair and knew that the inevitable shave job for the scalp was soon in his future!!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #33: Bedside Table Treasure HuntMy Profile

  5. HI. Believe it or not, I don’t have bedside table. We bought two beautiful ones that matched our bed a few years back. When the whole set arrived, the nightstands didn’t fit. So, we had to return them. On the floor next to my bed I keep my glasses, my running stick, a book (that I seldom read) and my phone.
    Caryn recently posted…Key Learnings After a Year of Blogging & Building A BusinessMy Profile

    1. Author

      If you are going to cut a piece of furniture that is a pretty easy item to cut! How do you keep your glasses from getting stomped on? We didn’t have side tables for years, but when someone gifted these to us I filled them up nice and quick with my collection of “treasures”!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #33: Bedside Table Treasure HuntMy Profile

  6. I was just telling Jennifer (the other one!) that I don’t have a bedside table but that I love seeing you both doing the same post! I can remember my childhood bedside table.. maybe I should try to recreate it..
    Tamara recently posted…Over The Borderline.My Profile

  7. OMG! I can’t! I think mine has every card my husband has ever given me, a blood pressure cuff, a journal, cat nail clippers and tons fo drawings my kids gave me inside! The top is a sea of magazines, books and remote controls! Lol! No more blues clues!!!
    Kristen recently posted…Please Stop Calling Me SupermomMy Profile

  8. The only things next to my side of the bed is a wall. You want a picture of that!?! You’d be terrified of what’s on my husband’s dresser, which is right next to his side of the bed! LOL!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…Easter 2015My Profile

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  11. Hi Jen, life is taking it’s toll on me…I just tried to link up twice!…I need a holiday!

    I love all the Santa stuff in your drawer, special. I keep some of my children’s manky old teeth in my jewellery box and I wonder why I keep them every time I see them…But I know the answer, because I’m a Mum and that’s what we do.

    Imagine the electricity you save by having a bedside lamp that doesn’t work. Genius!

    Debbie recently posted…My Bedside Table…My Profile

    1. Author

      You are not alone! Sometimes I feel like the crazy cat lady, just without all of the cats!

      Thank you for making me feel better about collecting teeth! What are we going to do with them? It’s not like our kids will want to inherit them along with the china when we die!!

      I think you and Jen’s Guy are on the same wave length, he says the same thing about the lamps!
      Jen recently posted…LEGO Elves, Fairies and A Little DIY MagicMy Profile

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