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The Spring Blog Staycation was another amazing blogging experience!

Over the past four days  I have met so many great, new bloggers and learned so much! As would be expected, I have had to add a few new items to my blogging to do list, but I also completed a few HUGE projects that had been looming over me for far too long.


If you missed this Staycation, don’t worry! We will be hosting another one in the fall. Make sure to join the Facebook group now and sign up on this form as well so you don’t miss any of the updates!

Thank you to everyone who participated throughout the Spring 2015 Blog Staycation! Let’s make sure to stay connected!

Link up to share all of your accomplishments, too! You could link to a new post, a new or updated page, an Instagram picture (I would love to have you follow me over there) or your new/updated social media account. This is your chance to broadcast all of your awesome achievements!

Still have more to do? Leave a comment with the blogging priorities still on the top of your list!

Special thanks to my fellow Blog Staycation organizers Trish and Julie!

Congratulations on all of your blogging accomplishments!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. I didn’t participate, but I joined in support. Not much for groups as I just don’t have the energy to do what I did when I was young. I’m so happy it was a huge success.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Silly SundayMy Profile

  2. You go girl! I actually DID end up staying home and working on my blog a lot this weekend. I didn’t think I would, but I didn’t know about the FAcebook group. I will have to join that. You have no idea how much I have learned about blogging from you! I started theliterside.blogspot.com, which I have now deactivated, in February 2013. I knew NOTHING about blogging. A year later, I finally got my own domain, opened social medias, etc. Slow learner here, but I am loving it. Thanks for all the info that you share!!
    April recently posted…San Diego Day 2: LEGOLAND!!! Whooyeah!!!My Profile

    1. Doesn’t it feel good to get things done, whether for our blogs our ourselves! I love hearing how people started up blogging! I started just because, seriously. I had no idea where it would go and here I am today. Not sure where that is exactly, but it has been fun!!
      Jen recently posted…Spring Blog Staycation Link-UpMy Profile

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    1. For sure! I think you are like Wonder Woman (you haven’t done this for Cosplay have you?) with what you have been able to accomplish even with missing cats, new goats and most importantly new babies!
      Jen recently posted…Spring Blog Staycation Link-UpMy Profile

  4. I’m a forever fan of your blog staycation, my friend! I’ll be joining them all in the future :). I got some biggies done: Disclosure page, Mailchimp setup (first newsletter to be done tomorrow), and security added to my site. I’m so sorry I missed the final twitter party. I was working on a post and when I looked up, it was 10:45 :(. Also, I thought I subscribed to your site a while ago but I don’t get emails. I’m going to try again now. I probably just thought I did it before. Sometimes I get a little spacey like that! Anyway, thanks for everything, Jen!
    Candace recently posted…Creative Bible JournalingMy Profile

    1. It said I’m subscribed. I’ve gotten the staycation stuff but I don’t get your other posts. The next one I see you post, I’ll check my junk folder. Maybe I need to add you to my contacts. I think my spam folder pulls a lot of my email.
      Candace recently posted…Creative Bible JournalingMy Profile

      1. Author

        Thanks Candace! I am working on setting up my MailChimp account myself. That is next on my to do list! I am so very glad you liked the Blog Staycation! It is amazing what you can get done if you buckle and done and set some goals. Congratulations on all you accomplished! I will be making sure I am on your newsletter list for sure!
        Jen recently posted…What You May Not Know About MormonsMy Profile

  5. Hi Jen, I really am that bad at social media that I didn’t even interact over the weekend! I read the Staycation emails and plodded on when I could. Nothing much to report although I did get the time to visit more blogs (which is what I really wanted) and sort out Bloglovin.

    As for working on my social media skills (HaHa!). I really don’t like FB and am seriously thinking of pulling the plug on my whole account (except it’s where I can stay up to date with my sister and her family.)….I do think I’m starting to enjoy Twitter though…Watch out world!

    Maybe next time I’ll get the hang of it…Never give up!…Me not you…xx
    Debbie recently posted…Swallows…My Profile

    1. Author

      Twitter can be kind of a tough gig, so if you can do that I think I need to bow to your social media skills! I get lost over there sometimes, because it goes so very fast!

      Sorting out Bloglovin is also a big deal. I have an account and I follow quite a few people over there, but I think it may be underutilizing it. Quite a few of my blogging friends swear by it! Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!
      Jen recently posted…What You May Not Know About MormonsMy Profile

    1. Author

      Good for you! I am looking into a P.O Box myself, but it is kind of expensive where I live and I want to make sure I have enough coming in from blogging to cover it. I would love to hear what you decide on! Good luck on priority #!, that is a fabulous goal!
      Jen recently posted…What You May Not Know About MormonsMy Profile

  6. Way to go! i wish I could lay in bed and write all day….someday! I’m falling behind on the blog these days…don’t know how to keep it up. Maybe I’ll take my own staycation soon!
    Kristen recently posted…10 Easy Easter DessertsMy Profile

  7. I didn’t get as much done this past weekend as what I wanted! Too many conflicts but I am going to go and make some new friends from those I interacted with! thank you for hosting and letting me be a part. I think the only thing I got done was make dinner and finish my beef and broccoli post…so many more things to work on!!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Beef with BroccoliMy Profile

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