Mommy Reality: The Good, The Bad and The Broken

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In case you missed it, the theme for our newest Mommy Reality challenge is Broken.

My husband Jen’s Guy has a theory, if it can be broken, it will more than likely be broken by me.

I am like the Godzilla to his repair world.

Take for example, the unfortunate incident that happened yesterday in the bathroom. I was simply trying to clean the toilet and in the process somehow, brought the peg that held his towel crashing to the ground.

I still am not sure how exactly it happened and have even offered to let him use my towel rack until he can fix his……

Is this all that is broken around my house?

You bet your bottom dollar it isn’t! What else is broken you may ask?


I promise I had no part in causing the break in Jen’s Guy’s foot, but I may have accidentally run the vacuum cleaner over his foot last week.

Now it is your turn!

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  1. Bahaha. Oh my goodness I laugh but I feel really bad too. I knew we were doomed when we moved into a brand new house with brand new things. I could write a novel on broken. UGH :(. I always just shake my head and tell my husband we just can’t have nice things.
    Beth recently posted…Insta Life LatelyMy Profile

  2. Well, there is never a dull moment with you around. Just ask your wonderful husband. Too funny. I’ve a friend that could give you a run for your money.

    Have a fabulous day and try not to break anything. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Wednesdays QuestionMy Profile

  3. I’ve never broken anything on my body, although I came close once, but I break things constantly. The Diaper Gene! The towel racks, yes. And a lot of hearts! Just kidding. A lot of appliances. (like the toaster but I never admitted that to him)
    Tamara recently posted…Let’s All Snuggle And Be Merry.My Profile

    1. Author

      Oh make sure you never do admit the toaster to him! Those things break if you wink wrong. Knock on wood I haven’t broken a bone yet either. I believe this fact still is quite mind boggling to Jen’s Guy who has seen my accidental breaking rampages that probably should have ended in me breaking something in or on my body! Once a klutz always a klutz :)
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality: The Good, The Bad and The BrokenMy Profile

  4. OMG I totally laughed out loud when I read that you ran his foot over. I too break all the things I touch. I just might have totally broke the toilet on Saturday…you know because I flushed a clorox toilet wand.
    Laura Funk recently posted…I dislike technology very muchMy Profile

  5. Bless! We both have broken people at our houses. Thankfully, Joshua is getting much better. I hope ‘Jensguy’ is better soon too! I have just rolled into town from our family vacation in San Diego, and I feel like I have missed so much in the blogging world! OH! And the towel–totally looks like somthing one of my children would do. ha! How funny that at your house you’re actually the one that broke it. Just makes you more lovable. ;)
    April recently posted…Daniel thinks that I am April O’Neil.My Profile

    1. Ooh what a fun vacation! I hope you post up the pictures soon!

      Unfortunately, Anneliese my toddler and I share the dubious title of Godzilla in our house. We touch it, we break it! I am going to try and reform my ways, but…..

      Hugs for your Joshua, never a dull moment!
      Jen recently posted…March Into Savings With Walmart Family MobileMy Profile

    1. That is so scary when you slip down the steps!! When we moved into our house 2 years ago that had stairs I was terrified and sure that I was going to break something! Not yet, but with my history…..

      P.S. Still getting followed around by Amy Grant music?
      Jen recently posted…March Into Savings With Walmart Family MobileMy Profile

  6. OMG!!!! You. Did. Not. Run. His. Foot. Over. With. The. Vacuum!!!!!!!!! If I tried I could be that good of an aim. You are funny, how did your man take that???? His poor foot, although why the heck did he not MOVE it????


    BritishMumUSA recently posted…One Day VacationMy Profile

    1. I did. It was bad. I was looking the other way and well vhoop! I just didn’t give him enough time to react and he probably thought most people don’t do that to injured people. Now he knows to lift his feet up when I am vacuuming! Live and learn :)
      Jen recently posted…Spring Blog Staycation Link-UpMy Profile

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  8. Hi Jen, I bet your hubby was pleased about that…At least there’s no chance of him chasing you down (not yet anyway!). It tends to be my husbands towel rail that un-clips too, I blame it on the fact he’s so heavy handed to start with!
    Debbie recently posted…The Swallows Are Back…My Profile

  9. Haha I am seriously cracking up about the godzilla comment and video clip! I hope his foot heals quickly and he can avoid the vacuum a little better until it does! ;)
    Amy Lou recently posted…Montage Photo Book!My Profile

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