Man Day Post: The Jen’s Guy Blog Tour, Part 2

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Welcome to another installment of Man-day from Jen’s husband Jen’s Guy!

Time for part two of the Jen’s Guy Blog Tour.  Where I take a tour of several of the blogs that regularly visit JENerally Informed.If you missed part one, you can get to it HERE.

Stories of Our Boys–  April

First of all, I wasn’t going to say anything but I have always suspected that this April is THE April O’Neil that hangs out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  April herself, pretty much confirmed it in a recent post.  Meagan Fox did a lousy job portraying her in the movie.

Moving on down the “Hilarity” section, because you can be sure I wasn’t going to sample the “Postpartum” section, the next article was “The Worst Mom Ever!”  Spoiler alert, she REALLY isn’t the worst mom.  She recounts her adventure on school project/presentation day which is ALWAYS an adventure for everyone.  I can also attest to the fact that when you have four children the odds of presentation day being the same day for every child approaches that of the buttered side of the toast falling on the floor first.  Both are bummers.

Seriously though, April needs to get with Gingi and do a photo-shoot dressed like April O’Neil.  I’ll bet Gingi has a yellow jumper somewhere in her closet. . .


Candace Creates– Candace

The first article that popped up was “Fears of a Blogger.”  I can certainly sympathize with most of the concerns that she has every time she hits the “publish” button.  A long time ago, back when I worked for the Man, I spent some time as a technical writer and it just about strangled the soul out of me.  Nothing is as horrible as writing in the passive voice on purpose.  That is what is great and liberating about being a blogger.  There are certain times that you can be afraid that you did it wrong or that you didn’t “nail it.”  With blogging you will get a new opportunity the next time you hit publish.  You also learn that as long as you are genuine, people can be pretty darn forgiving.

Of course I don’t get 90 comments on each post like Candace does.  Honestly Candace, with an audience like that you are certainly doing SOMETHING right.  Have to admit to feeling a little bit of jealousy. . .

Tamara like Camera–  Tamara

Yep, still pronounce it wrong. . .  For some reason I have a picture in my mind of her and her husband raising Timber Wolves and children in the Hinterlands of Maine (your husband did wrangle a timber wolf for a movie, so I’m not imagining things, right?)  The reality is even better.  She has Han Solo encased in carbonite in her living room.  See:

Her photographs are amazing, and make me appreciate the nice large monitor that I invested in.  I do have a question, however.  There are a large amount of photographs with Tamara in them, and many with Tamara and her husband in them.  Who is taking these photographs?  I can’t picture Tamara with a selfie stick, so either her children are underage savant photographers, or she is regularly followed by the paparazzi (which I figure is the correct answer.)

Also, I have to agree with her that the moose is one of the most terrific, majestic animals on Earth (well, most of the time.)

Wading Through Motherhood–  Melissa

Went straight to the “15 Reasons My Toddler Might be Mad,” because Jennifer and I just had this discussion last night.  There really isn’t any reasoning with a toddler.  Any breakthrough could be completely undone because you give her corn chips in a bowl rather than in the bag.  Me? I’m just happy to get corn chips.  Honestly we have experienced all 15 of the mishaps in Melissa’s list with our current youngest, and she is just 2.  Well, except that she doesn’t eat toothpaste, she just wants to squeeze it all out on the bathroom counter.  It is amazing how much hand strength she can summon to serve the cause of Evil.

I guess, at the very least we figure she can get a job in reality TV, or coaching professional sports, or at the very worst, co-hosting on Mythbusters:

British Mum USA–  Ray

OK, unfair bias, but British mum makes me think of Supernanny, even though there is probably little resemblance other than the nation of origin.  I would be entirely disappointed if she hasn’t busted out with “A Spoonful of Sugar” at least once during her tenure as a mum.  Heck, I’m a dad with no musical talent whatsoever, I did it at least three times in the past year.  The kids hate it.

So, I went to her site and under the title “Hidden Secret of Blogging,” I found her doing a much superior version of what I am doing in this post.  It kind of freaked me out to be honest.  I moved on the the post about Snowblowers and Sushi, and reflected that removing Christmas lights from my snowblower is not an issue that I am ever likely to stare down now or in the future.  I do believe, however, that I will add “Son of a HOLY MONKEY!!!” into my curse list the next time I find myself doing plumbing.  That was epic.

Jennifer says my plumbing battles closely resemble this:

And finally,

Leapfrog and Lipgloss–  Celeste

Actual conversation last week:


Me:  So Celeste is a Hormel Blogging Ambassador.

Jennifer:  Yep.

Me:  They send her freaking Spam in the mail, and not the bad kind of SPAM, but the good kind that is tasty with eggs.

Jennifer: Yep.

Me:  How come WE don’t get Spam in the mail?  We need to be Hormel ambassadors!  We don’t get ANYTHING like that!

Jennifer:  We just got Applewood Bacon last week, along with that Salsa that you like.  Also didn’t you get General Tso’s Chicken not too long ago?

Me:  Yeah, all of that was pretty good.  But why aren’t we affiliated with Hormel?

Jennifer: Because we are affiliated with Pampers, and a big ole list of beauty products.

Me:  How does that benefit me?

Jennifer:  It doesn’t, unless I SAY it does!

Or something like that.  The words might include some liberties, but the hair flip was pretty spot on.   For the record, Celeste is a VERY GOOD Hormel ambassador. . .



  1. “Seriously though, April needs to get with Gingi and do a photo-shoot dressed like April O’Neil. I’ll bet Gingi has a yellow jumper somewhere in her closet. . .”

    You know what’s sad? I have a black jumper, a blue jumper, a white jumper and a green jumper in my cosplay closet.. no yellow though! hehe! But yes. Yes, you guys need to cosplay. And I demand pictures when you do! ;-) ;-) –
    Gingi recently posted…Olive Oil Tasting at Sciabica’s California Olive Oil in ModestoMy Profile

    1. I don’t know if you saw this in the other thread, but eventually, when Jennifer hosts her January blog conference here in Tucson, we need you to bring ALL of your cosplay stuff, dress up the attendees, and have Tamara take pictures. We will definitely need to spring for the yellow jumper for April, however. . .

    1. We lived in Montana and moose encounters were a thing. Saw one just about every time we drove through the canyon south of us. Also had a bear and her cubs in a tree about a block from our house. Every day was pretty much a Lewis and Clark reenactment. Tamara needs to do some wildlife photography on the streets of Bozeman.

    1. Keep at him. If you click on the “man day” button at the top of this blog, you can sort by testosterone. . .

  2. I’m so behind on blog reading but I had to let you cut way ahead of the line (which is hard for me because my life is busy and I do have paparazzi!) and comment here.
    Yes, the timberwolves story is true! I do have some photos somewhere to prove it, or I may have already posted them?
    Yes, I do have paparazzi! As for the photos of me, I do have a lot of photographer friends but I also choose all the settings myself, and hand the camera to my husband or even my five-year-old (I swear!) and then hope for the best with their compositions. Mostly it works out.
    I then go into Photoshop and make myself look a zillion times better than real life.
    Tamara recently posted…How To Fall In Love, Part 2.My Profile

    1. Front of the line status is all that I ask for. So you probably monopolize ALL of the paparazzi in Maine, no? There can’t be that many. And we are going to need those photos posted at some point in the near future, along with your husband and children in their wolf gear (I saw that at some point also.) My new theory is that your husband brings home some of those lonesome key grips without any life after the movies he works on are finished filming so you can raise them as your own. Those guys are the ones taking the pictures. . .

  3. Son of a HOLY MONKEY!!! I was laughing out loud at that video. I think this phrase is now stuck in my head. Thankyouverymuch.

    What a delightful post.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Awww MondaysMy Profile

    1. Yep, I have used “Son of a HOLY MONKEY!” three times already this week and it is only Monday. . .

  4. Again, so freaking awesome! I love your description of Tamara! Hahahaha!

    I need to get together with Gingi and discuss my ambitious cosplay/Halloween costume for this year! It is going to be epic!

    Also, I love Ray, but she is nothing like SuperNanny, LOL! She’s a little more brasen and I don’t think you would find her singing “a spoon full of sugar”.

    I adore Celeste and am also very jealous of her delicious Hormel gig!
    Echo recently posted…A Day In The Life of a “Sick” Boy Mom…My Profile

    1. Yep, a lot of my pre-conceptions about British people have been flat out destroyed. My niece recently married a guy from England, and I was in charge of ferrying all of his groomsmen from out of the country around. The trip to the tuxedo rental was a complete disaster. I took one of the boys aside and told him that I thought that they would be more comfortable with the whole tuxedo situation. He informed me that the who James Bond thing was “Total Balderdash!” and set up unrealistic expectations. I didn’t share this fact with my niece. . .

      And “Spoon full of Sugar” is always appropriate for anyone, although we probably play Def Lepard’s “Pour some Sugar on Me” more often.

    1. We may have to do that, Celeste. I’m feeling that a Jen’s Guy “Nailed It!” Spam challenge should be in the works. I’ll get with the guys from Monty Python and work something out.

  5. Hi Jen’s Guy! Thanks so much for your blog tours. Such good blogging karma :). I’m honored to be included here. No need to be jealous! I never get 90 comments. That is the first time ever and half of them are from me. I’m obsessive about replying to every comment. I think the subject of hitting that publish button just really struck a chord with people. It’s such a common theme I guess for all of us writers. I was thankful to hear I wasn’t alone there.
    How cool is Han Solo in Tamara’s living room?!? My husband would love that. Speaking of hubbys, I really need to get mine to start making guest appearances on my blog. It’s awesome how you support your beautiful wife in this way. I always enjoy your thoughts!
    Candace recently posted…Writing Tips From Anne LamottMy Profile

    1. Yep, 45 comments would take me 2 weeks to respond to, I’m still well jel. I hear rumors that Tamera has the bridge of the USS Enterprise up in her bedroom as well, but I cannot confirm that. Jennifer makes me do this so I stop discussing politics on facebook, I’d suspect. It’s probably the right move. . .

  6. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! This is BRILLIANT!!!!! Said with my Best British Accent, which is a proper London accent. Think….. Duchess Kate with a slight Midwest accent now. I have been here since 1992 :) I have banished the kids to the naughty chair, and as for Mary Poppins, Absolutely!!!!!!! Also please check out Bedknobs and Broomsticks, this is awesome too!!!!! Oh and lets not forget Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!!!! I have done it all much to the horror of my kids!!! :) Isn’t that our job????

    Sorry about that dueling blog posts, I didn’t want to do the 1 year blog of wow look at me and my fabulous ten posts from the last year. I wanted to celebrate the first 15 bloggers who kept on coming back. Jen we met a few months ago and I am so GLAD that we have opened up a conversation and we keep coming back to each other, I love your inspiring and uplifting blog!!!!

    As for the “Holy son of a Monkey” Hehe, I am full of those and my friends on the ground are always making fun of me for those! Enjoy that one it rolls off the tongue!!

    BritishMumUSA recently posted…Hidden Secret of BloggingMy Profile

  7. Woo hoo, I must be doing something right because I know all of these awesome blogs! I’m tragically behind on my blog reading, so I do have some fun stuff in store for me.

    And thanks for that video… I’m going to have nightmares.
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…DIY Reed DiffuserMy Profile

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