Man Day Post- The Jen’s Guy Blog Tour, Part 1

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Welcome to another installment of Man-day from Jen’s husband Jen’s Guy!

So I have to admit I was feeling a bit shamed after Jennifer’s post on commenting.  That post has gone everywhere! I am pretty good at responding here, but I don’t believe I have EVER returned the favor of commenting on someone else’s site.  Jennifer usually does that. I’m really shy, however, so I figured the best thing I could do is to visit the sites of the people who comment on my posts and peruse them, because that could be fun, no?  So what I am going to do is visit the sites of all the people that commented on my last post, roughly in order.  This is a lot of work so I will break it up in two parts.  This is part one.  You will know it is time to turn the page, when you hear the chimes ring like this <chimes.>  Let’s begin now. . .

Confessions of a Mommyholic–  Janine Huldie

Straight up, Janine is a machine.  We don’t even consider a post published until Janine has commented on it.  And look at her site, it is immaculate.   Fast, snappy, clean, TEXTBOOK.  I read a post about her fear of throw up.

Insider note- Everybody has a fear of children throwing up.  There is probably nothing worse that laying in bed trying to determine if your child’s cough is going to eventually morph into a full on spew session, and how long it will take you to get to them and guide them to the toilet should it be needed.  NOBODY likes to clean throw up out of the bathroom sink.

Anyway, I wanted to leave a note, but there were like 500 other people commenting on the post.  I kind of felt like the person who knew a famous movie star in the fifth grade, and realizes as he stands in line at the book signing behind the paparazzi, the press, and all of the fans, that she probably wouldn’t remember him anyways. . .


Domain of the Mad Mommy–  Echo

See, I have always wanted to be cool enough to pull off the single name, but I just can’t, even though I have a pretty rare name that not a lot of people are using.  I decided to hide behind my wife’s good name as a blogging title.  Echo CAN pull off the single name thing, however. . .

Scanned down the post listing and zeroed in on the one about food (of course.) She went to a place called the Wise Acre Eatery.  Wait, Cheese Plate? Fritter of the Day?  With Pictures?  And excellent pictures! Bookmarked.  I keep telling Jennifer that a deep fryer would be a good investment.  All of this would almost make winter (Echo lives in Minnesota, I think) worth it.  ALMOST. . .

Comedy Plus–  Sandee

One of the first people to ever comment regularly on Jennifer’s blog back when it was a dreadfully designed site  (I was just new as a designer.)  I’m not going to lie, her posts are hilarious, and the family favorite is her “church bulletin” series with items that were actually place in church newsletters.  A sampling:

The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility.

Pot-luck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM – prayer and medication to follow.

The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.

This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.

The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.

Heh.  Apparently I screwed up the feedburner transfer from the other site and Sandee thought we had slipped into the abandoned blog world.  Glad she found us again.  Fun fact, apparently Sandee is a retired police Lieutenant.


The Lieber Family–  Rabia Lieber (there is a pronunciation guide.)

Poetry.  No, seriously, literally, poetry.  Jen’s Guy fun fact- I am an English and lit major, a rarity for tech guys, but I appreciate good poetry and this is really good poetry.  What a great way to highlight your writing skill.  I even read a poem I wrote at the ceremony when Jennifer and I were married.  Probably the last poem I ever wrote.  I actually feel kind of bad about that.  Rabia, you have inspired me to do better.


Mommy in Sports– Kristen Hewitt

OK, first of all Kristen is a sports reporter, my dream career if I didn’t have a face for IT work.  I also call shenanigans on how she has a sports reporting gig, raises a family, and still has the time to mommy blog, and do it well.  I read her post on “Parenting is not a competitive sport.”  I agree that it is kind of funny watching some parents trying to instill their worldview on parenting on everyone else.  Generally, if you are doing it right, people will pepper you with questions all on their own.  No need to go evangelizing.  If you are unsure of how someone will take your advice, probably best to hold it until invited to offer it.

In conclusion, sorry about the Lebron James then Chris Bosh thing.  But how about that Hassan Whiteside, huh?


Ruffles and Rainboots– Sarah

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’m the tailor in the house.  Any sewing task larger than a missing button is generally MY responsibility.  I’m OK with this, because I’m also adept at plumbing and electrical work.  My man card is firmly secured.  That being said, I think my children will die disappointed if they have their hopes set on my ever being able to sew Sarah’s fabulous “Frozen” swag.

However, I’m going to take the time to hold an intervention, right here, right now.  Sarah, we all love your impressively crafted creations, but I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one who would tune in to see how you REALLY feel about any number of current events.  Your comments are hilarious and informative, and I suspect would be even better in long post form.  What we need is “Sarah, Unplugged. . .”  I just noticed that you have a newsletter that promises “members only” content.  I’m hoping that means movie reviews and political commentary.  Imma gonna sign up!


The Deliberate Mommy–  Jennifer

Hands down my favorite Canadian, and I think I have relatives in Canada.  Probably one of the closest blogs in terms of makeup to Jenerally Informed (and we have often jenerally referred to ideas from her blog in design tips and posting style.)  The post I read was about Refreshing and Resurrecting Old Posts, because there are a lot of good posts that Jennifer and I put up a year or so ago before anyone was reading.  (There are some stinker posts too, so we would prefer to not have people just go looking.)  There is definitely  a lot to learn here. . .

This particular post has 90 comments already.  At my current commenting speed I might be able to respond to that many comments by Canadian Thanksgiving.  I’d probably give up and become despondent. . .


Domestic Geek Girl–  Gingi

Gingi does Cosplay.  Awesome!  Jennifer pointed this out to me, and showed me the page.

Me- Look Gingi is dressed up as Yuna from Final Fantasy X  (I can speak in Roman numerals.)  I think that the way she is wearing the costume shows that this is not vintage Final Fantasy X and but Final Fantasy X-2 when she moved on from being a summoner and became a sphere hunter after joining the Gullwings.

Jennifer- Wow she wrote a pretty detailed description.  She must be really into that particular video game.

Me- (noticing that Gingi’s descriptions are very minimal) Yeah, that’s it.  You kind of have to scroll over for it to pop up. (there are no pop ups.)

For a quick count Gingi and her husband have about 34 different sets of costumes from comic books, movies, and video games.  I could name the source for about 25 of them without cheating.

From Domestic Geek Girl

To be continued ……


  1. Jensguy, thank you so much for your response here and seriously can I just say you totally rock!! So, to me you are a bit of rock star taking over Jen’s blog from time-to-time and so wish my husband would to give me a break once and awhile. But seriously, thank you for the bloogy love here today!! Have a great weekend :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Keep Calm It’s Friday MorningMy Profile

  2. Well, that was delightful and a lot of work too. You two really do posts very well. Lots of time and thought goes into every post.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Feline FridayMy Profile

    1. I actually had to do this post twice because WordPress ate the first one, so we got this one out late. But you have a tremendous blog and deserve any kudos you get.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying right now and before I even commented, I added a couple new blogs to my Bloglovin’ feed (how have I never known about Comedy Plus?!). Maybe you could even give my resume a little tune up?

    Sarah, Unplugged… eh? I might give that one a go. On Twitter. After a glass (or 3) of wine… I think you might be on to something!
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Rainbow Bath SaltsMy Profile

    1. We have a friend, a political blogger, whose shtick is to “drunk blog” big political speeches and events. He starts out drinking about a half hour before, and posts short, twitter like statements throughout the event. It’s pretty darn funny. I have a feeling that it would take much wine to pull the funny out of you. So when you set up the tour dates for “Sarah, Unplugged,” we are going to want an invite, preferably with backstage passes. . .

  4. Great post! I am seriously considering getting 50 of my closest friends to go over and post on the last blog. If several of us did that, Jen could have you working for months on this one post alone!

    The last time I walked into church about 6 people commented on one of my blogs. I asked my daughter (age 21) why she thinks people don’t comment on the actual blogs. She thinks it is because they read them in the middle of mothering, and think of wonderful things to say, but are distracted by tennis balls in the toilet. Now my question to you is: How many tennis balls have you fished out of the toilet in your lifetime?
    Patty recently posted…Disney’s Cinderella: The Live Action MovieMy Profile

    1. Heh, just sent the kids to Cinderella this morning. They loved the movie, although it was almost an afterthought for the REAL reason they went: the “Frozen” short before the movie began. As far as tennis balls in the toilet, that is only a minor emergency. Tennis balls float. The real problem is things that sink, like earrings. That is where you separate the journeyman parents from the novices. . .

  5. I am seriously in LOVE with this post and idea. AWESOME job Jen’s Guy – I thoroughly enjoyed your take on reading “mommy” blogs. And I love your perspective on other blogs, I found some good ones I have to start reading! As for the HEAT, yeah it’s been a tough year. But the past 4 in the Finals has been a life-altering ride, one I’ll never forget. And Hasaan? Don’t get me started…just keeping my fingers crossed for the first round. (BTW…managing a family, career, blog is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, I never have fun…)
    Kristen recently posted…5 Things Frozen Has REALLY Taught Our KidsMy Profile

    1. If you could sneak into that 6th playoff spot, that would be ideal. I’m a Utah Jazz fan and we are loving Rudy Gobert in the same manner. It is too bad that the Heat and the Jazz don’t match up at a later date to see those two play one another.

      It was a lot of fun doing this post and I still have a few more sites to visit. . .

  6. Awwww, that has got to be the coolest shout out I’ve ever received! Haha! My cosplays gets one of two reactions.. there’s the “Wow, thats cool!” (and they mean it) and then there’s the “Wow, that’s cool!” (as they slowly back away to the nearest exit).. haha.. Anyway, you need to get my hubby to join in on all this blogging fun! This blogging duo thing looks like so much fun! –
    Gingi recently posted…Meet Thyme Moriah Freeman – Born March 11th, 2015!My Profile

    1. Congratualtions!!! Jennifer told me the story, glad everything turned out OK. Cosplay is awesome, I just don’t think I could pull it off. You and your husband are pros, however. I keep trying to get Jennifer to be the 60’s purple costume Batgirl for Halloween, because she would rock that outfit. Perhaps you could talk to her. . .

  7. I wish I could get my husband this involved in the blogging world! Wow! I learned a lot more about a few blogs that I haven’t read. Thank you!
    April recently posted…Worst Mother EverMy Profile

  8. Have you ever asked him? Give him a fun topic and see what happens. By the way, you are in the rotation for the next post. . .

      1. Keep at him, he’ll eventually buckle. It has been kind of fun blogging for an audience that generally wouldn’t be MY audience. I think it is a much classier crowd, though. . .

  9. Jen’s Guy – Like Sarah, I was laughing so hard I choked on water – not your fault … I can do that without trying (or laughing). Let me just say, as someone with personal experience – Sarah DOES have opinions on many things – maybe not as many as her father, but she had an EXCELLENT teacher.

    1. I think having one of Jennifer’s “imaginary friend’s” mother appear in the comment section has to be the most epic thing to ever happen to one of my posts. So yeah, if we are going to get rolling commentary from the entire family, Sarah Unplugged simply HAS to happen. We’ll just have to make sure that the MPAA rates it appropriately. . .

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  11. An amusing way of redeeming yourself and comments on your posts are bound to increase ten fold now. Your going to wish you stayed quiet!

    There are a couple of blogs you highlighted that I’ve yet to check out and after your amusing write up I really must.
    Debbie recently posted…My Daughters First School Trip AwayMy Profile

    1. Yeah I’m trying. It is amazing to me that there are so many good blogs out there. It is especially a contrast with the trashy Cosmo that I read last week that was not only shallow in content, but kind of pathetic in writing style as well. Somebody needs to grab all of you bloggers up and give you the same platform. . .

  12. ha! This is fantastic. I’m laughing because these are all my blogging friends, and I always consider The Deliberate Mom and Jenerally Informed to be similar. I think I found them both at the same time.
    Janine is amazing but she will reply to anything! I text her all the time, so I know so. I text her ridiculous things too.
    Gingi reminds me of me, but she’s cooler. I’m also a blogger and photographer with cosplay stuff going on.
    Tamara recently posted…Taking Care of Business.My Profile

    1. Yep, someday when Jennifer and I do a January blog conference here in Tucson, we will pay extra to have Gingi bring her trunk of cosplay stuff and have you take the pictures of everyone. Who is going to say “no” to that?

  13. I can’t believe I missed this! It is so awesome! Thank you for swinging by my blog and including it in this fantastic list! I am beyond excited! Also, yes, it is almost worth it…ALMOST, but I suggest an April through October relationship with Minnesota.
    Echo recently posted…A Day In The Life of a “Sick” Boy Mom…My Profile

    1. They still have the cheese plate and “fritter of the day” available during the summer, right? Not for nothing, Jennifer and I know what you are going through, as we lived in Montana for two years. It was cold, but you could wake up on a Saturday morning and decide to spend the day in Yellowstone. The general forecast was 8 months of winter and 4 months of guests,

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