Trying To NAIL Dinosaur Rice Krispie Treats

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Dinosaur Rice Krispie Treats

Three years ago while blogging for my book the Practically Perfect Princess I pinned a recipe that I thought would be fun to try for my children. It was what appeared to be an easy Rice Krispie treat in the shape of dinosaurs. My pin from this site to date has been repinned hundreds of times. I receive DAILY notices that yet again someone, somewhere has repinned my pin.

Hmmm……. Perhaps it is time to finally buckle down and try this recipe. But first I have 2 confessions to make.

I’ll share the first one now and wait until later for the 2nd.

Okay first confession: I have NEVER made Rice Krispie treats. You may not know this, but I am LDS (Mormon) and the ability to whip out a batch of Rice Krispie treats for a Cub Scout den meeting, or youth activity is something most LDS women can do in their sleep. Sure enough I have pretended to be able to make them by purchasing boxes of them, unwrapping each one and placing them on a plate. I know, don’t tell me how bad doing that is.

So let’s get this Rice Krispie Treat party started!


  • 3 TBSP butter or margarine
  • 1 10oz. package marshmallows
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
  • green food coloring
  • cooking spray
  • large saucepan
  • wooden spoon
  • spatula
  • dinosaur sandwich cutters & cookie cutters
  • jellyroll pan
  • wax paper


In a large saucepan melt butter/margarine over low heat.

Nailed it!

Add marshmallows and stir with wooden spoon until completely melted.

Nailed it!

Stir in desired amount of green food coloring; Remove from heat.

Um, what does that mean “desired amount of food coloring”. I really need you to just TELL me! Alright, how about 6 drops. Please let that be enough.

Add Rice Krispies cereal; Stir with wooden spoon until well coated.

Confession #2 time. I really, really hate using or even touching wooden spoons. It is this weird tactile kind of thing I guess. So how about I not use one ok?

Oh snap, now I understand why you need to use a wooden spoon.


Spray spatula with cooking spray.

Nailed it!

Line a jellyroll pan with wax paper & spray with cooking spray.

I do not own  even know what a jellyroll pan is. So how about a Pampered Chef pizza pan?

Ok, Nailed it!

Using sprayed spatula, spread & press mixture into wax paper lined jellyroll pan.

Is it just me or would it appear that 6 drops of food coloring was not enough? Because instead of looking like a nice shade of Dino green the Rice Krispies look like throw up. Nope definitely not enough! I think I will add a few more drops and hope it mixes in. Let’s see how that works!

Allow to cool for about 15 minutes.

Nailed it!

Using dinosaur cutters, cut out desired Dino shapes.

*Little note on the cookie cutters. I had a hard time finding any dinosaur shaped ones. Thank heavens for Facebook friends who did have some!

Freak, using these cookie cutters hurts! I’m having to press so hard through the thick Rice Krispies that my hands are red and raw!

Not Nailing it!

Alright drum roll please!! Are you ready to see how my Dinosaur Rice Krispies turned out?

Here ya go!

Yup, NAILED IT (not so much)!

Before you go though, here is a picture of my adorable little dinosaur. At least I NAILED this picture.

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Stay Happy! Stay Informed!



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  1. Okay, those didn’t turn out that bad! I’d definitely think “dinosaur” over deformed beaver! The one you have no idea on looks like a unicorn! Is that just me being weird again?

    I’m no good with desserts. I NEED them them to specify everything (like desired food coloring)
    Celeste | Leapfrog and Lipgloss recently posted…Sunday Shorts: DeirdreMy Profile

    1. Author

      A terrifying unicorn!! Not like the epic looking unicorns in your gif you found for Mommy Reality!

      Yeah the whole desired amount of food coloring really threw me for a loop so instead we had green speckled throw up colored Rice Krispie treats, yum…
      Jen recently posted… Trying To NAIL Dinosaur Rice Krispie TreatsMy Profile

  2. I think you did pretty well! Did you use a cookie cutter or just free hand it? I make Rice Krispie treats, but not very often because they taste so good and I’ll eat them all. BTW, I hate to tell you this but *everyone* knows if you’ve brought store bought versus homemade. The homemade ones are SO MUCH BETTER! :)
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?!My Profile

  3. But you never give up. You’re always trying. One of these days you’re going to nail one of these projects. I’ll bet you do a lot of laughing doing these projects too.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. I am grinning ear to ear and the husband just turned around smiling from hearing me giggle. Look at that – you’re helping form lasting bonds in relationships around the world with your Pinterest challenges. :)

    And okay, if we’re admitting things: I’ve never made rice krispies treats. I’ve only ever eaten one in my entire life and I’m pushing 40… I think I’m missing out.
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Handmade CrayonsMy Profile

  5. Well thank you I will take the building relationships compliment and tell my still raw hands that they did something good!

    I have to admit my color challenged and mutated dinos did taste really good and I could have sat and eaten the entire pan by myself. So word to the wise although tasty, they are highly addictive and should be consumed only when you feel strong enough to stop yourself. I will send you a batch of mutated dinos for your birthday next year that way you don’t have to feel guilty :)
    Jen recently posted… Trying To NAIL Dinosaur Rice Krispie TreatsMy Profile

  6. Hi Jen, I have never seen are cipe like this for Rice Krispie treats, I’ve always made mine with melted chocolate (maybe with some melted butter honey too), but never with marshmallow. Being able to cut the Rice Krispies into shapes too makes it more fun!

    I think you did a grand job cutting the shapes out and I’m pretty sure there were dinosaurs without legs and didn’t the beaver evolve from a dinosaur? They really wouldn’t have looked the part had you managed to get the food colouring evenly distributed, it just would have looked unnatural!

    PS….Is that proper hair I’m seeing on your own little dinosaur?
    Debbie recently posted…Banoffee Cake – My Emergency Birthday Cake Solution!My Profile

    1. Author

      Yes that is her hair! Finally :) We can’t put it in a ponytail, but it does a wicked good job with static electricity when she jumps on the trampoline!

      Thank you for complimenting my deformed beaver. I think I was too harsh on him… He is kind of cute.
      Jen recently posted… Trying To NAIL Dinosaur Rice Krispie TreatsMy Profile

  7. ROFLMAO.. okay, so I have had some BAD third trimester insomnia recently. I’ve been up since 3am, and playing on Pinterest, and giggling at all the funny memes, and I am in that “everything is hilarious” mode. So when I opened your post and saw the “Collie Dog”, “Turtle”, “No Idea”, I seriously snarfed my coffee. So freaking funny!! I need to sleep…. haha… –
    Gingi recently posted…Bee Pollen and Red Clover Dessert Seasoning Spice MixMy Profile

  8. This is awesome, Jen! I’m going to argue that you nailed it though. I think they turned out great. I have that same dinosaur sandwich cutter so I may have to attempt this. Your little hair standing dinosaur is absolutely the cutest!
    Candace recently posted…Turning to Food: February UpdateMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thank you! Plan to wear gloves or wrap your hand in towels when you do cut through the Rice Krispies because it hurt! Or better yet just follow the recipe and eat them in nice little squares or straight from the pan. They taste just as good that way.
      Jen recently posted… Trying To NAIL Dinosaur Rice Krispie TreatsMy Profile

    1. Author

      It took me a few years to gear up to it, but I had to see why women all over the world keep pinning this thing, because even today I received 10 notices that my pin was repinned! Who knew this is the new craze taking over America and the rest of the world!! Hopefully they can see how it really can turn out if they try it now.
      Jen recently posted… Trying To NAIL Dinosaur Rice Krispie TreatsMy Profile

    1. Author

      Awesome, but alas I am not an example of an artistic person at all. I truly dislike sewing. I mean I can totally sew on a button or mend little holes, but breaking out the sewing machine usually means me sitting and swearing at it. Every time. My husband threatened to throw it away last time…. So no, hopefully they are artistic independent of their heritage :)

      And thanks, I have to say my turtles tasted as good as the actual dinosaurs :)
      Jen recently posted…Don’t Let Your Skin Feel Old As Dirt: Try This!My Profile

  9. Oh, this cracked me up! Deformed beaver ftw! I bet they tasted yummy though. I have never made them either as I hate marshmallows. Maybe you can come teach me now.
    Rachel recently posted…Merry Monday #42My Profile

  10. This is too funny. I don’t like Rice Krispies so I never make them, but my mom makes them a lot. Good for you at least trying. I think most of the time that’s all our children care about – that we made the effort. :)
    Jennifer S. recently posted…Quiet, Unquestioning TrustMy Profile

  11. This is self-deprocation at is finest. I love it!! I can only imagine my daughters face if I made these, “What are these?” I will stick to just plan rice krispie treats thank you. But bravo to you for trying!!

    Stopping by from the ShineHop. Have an awesome weekend!!
    Katie | The Surly Housewife recently posted…Link Love – Week 8My Profile

  12. Hilarious! I have only made rice krispie treats a handful of times because I think they are way too sticky. Thinking about wooden spoons makes me cringe, but I use a wooden spoon on a daily basis to cook. Weird, huh? I think your dinos are sweet. Maybe they aren’t green enough, but who says dinos were green?? Awesome project that I think you NAILED!!
    Charlee Anne recently posted…Dinner Prep CAN Be Manageable with Young ChildrenMy Profile

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