My First Ask Away Friday!

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I am excited to be participating in my very first #AskAwayFriday and to be swapping Valentines Day themed questions with Tiffany of Mrs Tee Love Life Laughter!

#AskAwayFriday is a
way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session. It’s fun to learn about the people behind the blogs you love and for others to learn about you!

This being my first ever Ask Away Friday I was lucky enough to be paired up with Tiffany. She is an amazing blogger, YouTube guru, and the no-joke co-captain of “Team Haywood” (aka mother to 6)!

So here are the questions Mrs. Tee asked me:

1. What color says Valentines to you more: Red or Pink?

Hmm.. I would have to say both. There were years (notice the s) during my childhood where I wore anything and everything pink. My mother and I use to disagree on which color suited me best, resulting in moments like this….

2. Do you prefer flowers or candy?

Now all things being equal I would prefer donuts, because nothing says I love you in my world quite like gifting me a donut does.

3. Name your favorite Valentines Day memory?

Drawing a blank here, but I do remember getting serenaded outside my bedroom window by a high school crush. That was kind of sweet. 

Not sure if this next memory would be my favorite, but it made a lasting impression. I was about 6 weeks pregnant with our first child and my husband had worked really hard to make a wonderful Valentines meal for us. I walked in the house and the smells of the food made me start gagging. I had to run to my bedroom and hide as he opened all of the doors and aired out the smell. He ate dinner alone. Nice, huh?

4. What is the most romantic movie you’ve watched and loved?

As a teenager it was Say Anything.

Perhaps that is why the boyfriend in question #3 chose to serenade me.

Now as an adult I cannot ever pass up watching an Affair to Remember. Cary Grant was just so dreamy.

3. What’s the dumbest romantic movie?

I have watched many dumb romantic movies, aka all of those Hallmark Christmas specials that I LOVE, but I might get in trouble for this one. I am not a Nicholas Sparks fan. I just really want love to triumph and NOT DIE!!

I think my husband is secretly glad about my Nicholas Sparks aversion, because well….

4. Do you exchange cards for Valentine’s?

If you are meaning as an adult do I give cards? No. I did however help 2 elementary aged children address over 50 Valentines. Does that count?

5. Homemade or store bought gifts?

It would depend on the gift and the giver I guess. I love homemade cards from my kids and those are perfect, but if the hubs slapped my name on two doilies and passed that to me I would probably be less than enthused.

6. Candy hearts…yay or nay?

Yes, just not this one.

7. How do you feel about classroom valentines? I dread them but still do them every year…lol

Dread, I try to make them as easy as possible. Like I buy the kind with candy already included and with minimal fuss when assembling, yet times 4 children addressing valentines gets intense. Luckily, the oldest graduated to Junior High where class Valentines are no longer needed. Whew!

8. I love your What Not To Buy List

Thank you.

Any tips on how to avoid having my gift added to the list?

Oh no! What gift is this you received or will be giving? Please do not tell me you are purchasing this for anyone!

Thanks Tiffany this was really fun! Now that addressing those 50 Valentines with my children is done I am ready to celebrate the holiday. If you enjoyed reading this then make sure to check out the questions I asked Tiffany.

If you would like to participate and swap questions with me just let me know!

Stay Happy! Stay informed!



Feel free to visit the #AskAwayFriday hosts, grab a button, and join in the fun!

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  1. I am so not a fan of the kid’s valentines cards for school and like you got totally suckered into them this year once again. So, for someone who truly not a lover of this holiday was a bit of torture for me in all honesty.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Guilty As ChargedMy Profile

  2. I so remember helping my son with those Valentine cards every year. What a time consuming thing. To make it worse he had special people that he just couldn’t decide what card he wanted to give them.

    What a fun post. It made me smile and I loved your what not to give on Valentines.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Happy Valentines Day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted…Feline FridayMy Profile

  3. My oldest didn’t have to do cards this year and I was a little bit sad about it. Especially because the boys never want to do anything fun with theirs. I did buy a card for hubby, but I bought it today, so I didn’t think very far ahead!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…Five Minute Friday: WhenMy Profile

    1. Author

      See you are ahead of the game on me here! I think my husband and I will look at each other today as we give the kid’s their Valentines treats with little grimaces because once again, we forgot to get one another anything.

      I think my oldest was kind of sad not to do Valentines this year as well….
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

    1. Author

      Secretly I think all parents dread it. Because really doing an hour of homework is a bunch of fun and giggles, so for Valentines we should expect that sitting and making your kid write the same thing over and over again is going to be any different is kind of crazy.
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  4. Welcome to Ask Away Friday!
    And yes, those pregnancy smell aversions. I ruined many a dinners for my husband, but the fact that he repeatedly cooked food that made me sick has often made me wish those seven weeks of seasickness on him. Yes.
    Moving on, this was my first year doing valentines with Scarlet! Ask me how it is in a few years when both kids need them? I may not be as sun-shiney about it.
    Tamara recently posted…Sister, Sister.My Profile

    1. Author

      Thank you Tamara!

      The first year I did them was a blast, but about 10 years later it has become not so much fun. I don’t tell the kids this and smile through it, but my soul dies a little as we sit there addressing and addressing and addressing……

      P.S. Once when my husband had the stomach flu, about 6 months after my second was born, I cooked a big old meal. Had him sit in the house and smell it all and went in smiling as he said the food was making him feel sicker. Really?? So sorry :)
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  5. Jen, I love Nicholas Sparks! HAHA. But I’m not taking it against you. Because you certainly have a point. I love homemade and DIY Valentine’s card. Back in high school, I always give my friends every Valentine’s Day. I also love receiving DIY cards. :)

  6. Loved this edition of Ask Away Friday… and a great one for your debut!

    I love Say Anything… still!

    We exchange cards… except last year the hubs didn’t do anything. I was crushed, I told him so, and he made me the cutest flip-book shaped like a heart.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Books Alive! Literacy-Based PlanningMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Jennifer! I bet the flip book from him was adorable! He is pretty talented.

      My husband and I are just terrible at remembering gifts for one another. We do gifts and special things for the kids, but ….

      I think truthfully he and I just appreciate a few hours on the couch watching a movie alone or going to dinner alone every once in a while. Kid free time is a highlight us :)
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  7. All right, meet another doughnut lover! We have a great food truck nearby that I recently discovered, but the ridiculously low temps have kept them closed for the last two weeks- I’m going through withdrawal! And I love An Affair to Remember too but haven’t watched it in years! Thanks for reminding me :)
    Have a good weekend Jen!
    Christy@SweetandSavoring recently posted…A Marriage of Love and TravelMy Profile

    1. Author

      I would be crying, a doughnut truck I could walk to and then to have it not there…… The best Valentines would be to sit and eat doughnuts and watch An Affair to Remember. The hubs probably wouldn’t agree on the movie choice, but the doughnuts might work!
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  8. This was so much fun Jen!! I had no idea this was your very first AskAwayFriday…you are a Pro :) I LOVE that you picked Donuts!! That is so awesome…I usually get my Kiddies Krispy Kreme heart donuts every Valentine’s – we love them!

    OKay, Nicholas Sparks..I love his stories and writing but you are right…they all do kinda end in death…LOL I guess I never noticed it before :D

    Thanks so much for letting me be our first swap! I had a blast :D
    Tiffany recently posted…10 Things…MrsTee♥My Profile

  9. Author

    Aww thanks Tiffany! This was really fun.

    I LOVE Krispy Kreme, but it closed down in our city, That’s just not right! I will have to instead visit Dunkin Donuts and select one of their heart shaped doughnuts! The struggle is real :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful Valentines day and let’s do this again sometime!
    Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  10. Wow, this reminded me of our Valentine’s last year. I was pregnant but didn’t know it (probably only 2 weeks along) and my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful spread of prosciutto, salami, cheeses…. Then I found out I was pregnant and spent the next 9 months concerned my child would have some prosciutto-induced condition. But she came this past November and is just fine, so I think I’ll just eat deli meat without the guilt next time around :)
    Jessica @ Absurd, She Wrote recently posted…Catching a BreakMy Profile

    1. Author

      Oh my goodness I have been there! We moms really can do a number on ourselves! think I can get rid of the Mom guilt with deli meats, but how can I get rid of it all the way? Now that’s the real secret!
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  11. Hi Jen, I feel so lucky that Valentines isn’t such a big ting here. You must have the patience of a Saint!…Addressing 50 cards???…I don’t even do that many Christmas cards!

    I really must watch Say Anything, you’ve mentioned it before…I’ve only watched two Nicolas Sparks films and loved both of them…How can anyone not like The Notebook?…Okay maybe it wasn’t the film as much as a young Ryan Gosling that I enjoyed watching (more than once).

    Still love that cute picture of you as a youngster; all knickers and hair!
    Debbie recently posted…When Did I Start Opting For The Lazy Workout?My Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Debbie, so you like my Annie fro? My mom hated brushing my curly locks so it stayed short like that for years until I could do my hair alone.

      So the Notebook was ok, but I just want the endings of his movies to be two people going happily off on their lives together. In the Notebook that happened until the end where surprise surprise they both died. Don’t even get me started on the Walk To Remember movie. It’s not that sad things don’t happen I just don’t like watching it happen in movies.
      Jen recently posted…My First Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  12. Say Anything is one of my favorite all time movies! I watched it with my daughter a little while ago and now she is hooked on it too. I can’t believe you had a boyfriend reenact it! I’ll have to tell my daughter about it. I think that is her dream :). And that song he was playing, In Your Eyes, is amazing.
    Candace recently posted…DIY Candy BouquetMy Profile

    1. Author

      Oh I knew you had good taste! Doubly now though since you like my fave movie so much! I can’t hear that song and not stop and remember being young and getting serenaded. Although I am happily married, it is still fun to remember your first crush. I am planning on watching this with my daughter very soon too!
      Jen recently posted…A Newborn Journey of Firsts with PampersMy Profile

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