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Hi there, welcome to my own little snippet of Mommy Reality this week!

This has been a long week! It’s only Wednesday, but it feels like it should be next month already…..

On Friday my 80 year old mother fell at her home and then on Monday I had the special opportunity to pull an all “nighter” in the Emergency Room with my son.

Then today this happened to my husband (Jensguy) when he rode a ladder 20 ft down to the ground.

He said he landed just like Captain America, except Captain America wouldn’t have fractured 3 bones like he did.  My nerves are on edge waiting for the next catastrophe to strike!

Now onto more Mommy Reality! This week my compatriot Celeste has asked us Moms to share what our freaking refrigerator doors really look like. I am glad she did not ask us to actually open them. That might have been a little too much Mommy Reality. We  should probably save that one for like Halloween when we really want to be scared!

Without further ado I would like to welcome you to your own personal tour of Jen’s refrigerator doors! (You can feign excitement here)


I kept it so real I cleaned nothing up before taking this picture! Note that we still have the partial spelling in magnets of the word Christmas on here and about a thousand pictures.  Also for your viewing pleasure is all of the animal food stacked on top of the refrigerator (need to buy more dog food), my fancy green folding chair to the side and then all of the crap on the other side counter of the refrigerator.

Just so you know, the only reason that the bottom half of the fridge is empty is because the children do not like it when the toddler rips up their works of art.

Now, it’s your turn to come and link up your own refrigerator door Mommy Reality! You have until 2/5/ 2015 to do so!

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  1. Yeesh, Jen, what a week of terrible stuff! I hope nothing else happens that will cause you to lose your sanity!!

    Your fridge looks really decent. Currently, ours has barely anything on it, but BEFORE I had kids, our fridge was covered in EVERYTHING! From top to bottom.
    Charlee Anne recently posted…Poor Man’s BreadMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot to deal with in one week!! I hope your mom, son, and husband are all better soon. Your mommy reality is a wild one right now, that’s for sure!
    normaleverydaylife recently posted…Painted PianoMy Profile

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your trials this past week. As my older and wiser sister always says, “It is always something,” and she is right! But I like to add in, “This to shall pass.” Here’s to better days ahead.

    Love the handprints. How do you get the dog treats off the top of the refrigerator? Is that what the chair is for or are you really tall?
    Patty recently posted…January 24 – Week 3 of the Great Book PurgeMy Profile

    1. It really is ALWAYS something! You have a wise older sister. Thanks Patty!

      P.S. Luckily I am tall, because if the dog treats were any lower she would be gargantuan as one whimper and the kids scurry to get her a treat….
      Jen recently posted…Now That’s Mommy Reality For You!My Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Tamara. My mom tells me that nowadays when the kids come over and smudge things up she leaves it for a bit as it makes her happy. I guess someday we will be like that, so I guess leave the smudge prints and enjoy!
      Jen recently posted…Now That’s Mommy Reality For You!My Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks! My kitchen is kind of small. We have plans to knock a wall out to make it bigger. Luckily those cabinets are tall or I would have nowhere to store things. Hope you do get to link up. Have a great rest of your weekend!
      Jen recently posted…Now That’s Mommy Reality For You!My Profile

    1. Author

      I think my kids will be flown and grown and I will still have those hand prints on my refrigerator door! We switched schools and my little Rebekah didn’t get to make one in kindergarten like they did, but we have since remedied that and will be adding her hand prints to the door soon :)
      Jen recently posted…The “What No One Wants For Valentine’s Day” ListMy Profile

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  5. Hi Jen, it sounds as if you’ve had a right old week! I hope your Mum, son and Hubby are alright..I always knew that gummy bears were special, you can’t taste that good and not be…Listen to the gummy bears, Jen and all will be okay….

    It’s good to see that other people fridges are full of crap too!..So normal!
    Debbie recently posted…No Military Service For Greg’s!My Profile

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