When Magic Happens

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My family lives in Southern Arizona. Winters here are typically sunny, beautiful and clear with average temperatures ranging in the 70’s. On New Year’s Eve a storm blew in that brought cold and rainy weather.

It also brought something else.


This isn’t something that happens on a regular basis here so we bundled up the older children (we left baby Anneliese sleeping of course) and played in the snow.

They might still have had their pj’s on, but when magic happens you just have to participate no matter what.

As I watched my children play and even joined in throwing a snowball or two I realized that this was one of those moments so full of simple and wondrous magic that was providing much needed clarity to my heart and soul. I had clarity of vision and was reminded once again about what is really important. I was reminded of just how grateful I am for the opportunity to be a mother and how these amazing little people are mine to raise for such a short time.

As I am writing this there is still snow on the ground and I can’t wait for Anneliese to wake up so I can show it to her. This will be her first time ever even seeing it!

This year I am committed to look for the magic in the mundane and to try harder to not just live, but to live well.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!





  1. Hi Jen, playing in the snow…What a magical way to end 2014!..We rarely see snow here on Zakynthos (although the mainland does have ski resorts), but had it snowed I would have done exactly the same thing and would probably have been the first one out the door!

    Give me the simple pleasures in life any day and I am sure there is magic in everything if we look hard enough.

    Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and magical 2015!
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    1. It was amazing!! My kids are still talking about it. My oldest daughter was outside within 30 seconds of the first flakes. I was a close second :)

      Happy New Year Deb and thank you for being such a great friend!
      Jen recently posted…When Magic HappensMy Profile

  2. I love this post! It is so much fun to see the magic in little things! I am so glad that you and your family got to experience some New Year magic!
    Echo recently posted…It is 2015!My Profile

  3. this definitely is quite magical. Up until a few days ago here in NY it was almost 60 degrees on Christmas! Still no snow, but did get colder now, but amazed that you got snow and so far we haven’t seen any! Happy New Year again ;)

    1. Author

      Wow, no snow in your neck of the woods yet? I know a white Christmas is pretty fun, but maybe a white and “blizzarding” January isn’t so much fun, eh?
      Jen recently posted…When Magic HappensMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Charlee Anne, it was really so special! I don’t know if there has ever been a more magical way I have spent New Year’s before this one.
      Jen recently posted…When Magic HappensMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Kristen! Even after I had finally settled the children down (around 1 am) , I had a hard time calming myself down I was so excited.
      Jen recently posted…When Magic HappensMy Profile

  4. I hope this allows me to comment! My computer was being weird last night.
    We’re getting 2-4 inches of the good stuff tonight. Usually by March (ok, January) New Englanders are sick of snow.
    It’s nice to see how magical it can be, because sometimes we forget here!
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    1. Author

      Oh no it wasn’t your computer. We brought JENerally Informed crashing to a halt last night with an update! Luckily, it’s fixed now :) Thank you Jensguy!

      I bet it gets old, kind of like our grueling days of 100+ heat!!
      Jen recently posted…When Magic HappensMy Profile

    1. I get it. We lived in Utah and Montana before we moved to Arizona. The snow became a major bummer. I still cringe at the thought of potty training and kids wearing snow suits. I think I might have PTSD mommy style from such episodes!
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    1. Author

      Before we moved here we lived in snowy and cold places. Mt oldest was little, but she had seen a lot of snow. She has forgotten it though and as a family these little snow flurries that happen so sparsely here in the desert are magical and wonderful times.

      Hopefully one of these flurries will head your way soon so that your son can experience one for himself!
      Jen recently posted…Man-Day Post: The Man Cooks AebleskiversMy Profile

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